Digital Content Management :Its Utility And Confronting Issues

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0. Introduction:The Management of Collections in the digital form raises a new set of issues but stillfit within the theoretical frame work of collection development and management.Electronic information resources still need to be selected, acquired, catalogued, madeavailable, and preserved, but in radically different ways from the traditional printmaterials. The type of collection management issues raised by electronic informationresources will, of course vary between libraries depending on their individual missions. Thelibraries need to develop integrated collection policies for print and electronic resources. Inthis context the role of collection manager is vital in developing policies and structures thatwill integrate, across print and electronic media, the tasks of discovery, locations requestand delivery. The skill of the manager will be to create collections which balances the bestfeatures of print and electronic resources, and which make them work together effectively inthe interests of library user.1. Digital Contents:It includes photos, text, pages, color separations, charts, graphs, statistical data,diagram, illustrations, audio & video clips.2.Digital Contents: Its management :The digital content management include archiving and retrieval, abstracting andindexing, conversion, database design and management intellectual rights management,localization and translation of digital contents.3. Digital Contents: Its Utility:(i) It permits immediate access for all contents assets(ii) Short cycle time(iii) Easy re-purposing(iv) Simultaneous use of content(v) Improved quality(vi) Simple transfer of content and online service and the internet(vii) Its ability to customize content for target audiences and even individuals.(viii) Greater control over brand identity(ix) Improved content distribution and collaboration(x) Greater flexibility of distribution channels4. Digital Contents: Its life cycle:The content life cycle contains three main stages:(i) Content creation(ii) Workflow management(iii) Content delivery*Lecturer, Department of Library and Information Science, A.M.U., Aligarh -2020022(i) Content Creation: During content creation, multiple authors create graphics, texts,HTML templates, back-end code and other assets. Authors use tools such as HTML editorsand word processors, visual editors and other media authoring tools.(ii) Workflow management: Workflow management is crucial to the contents life cycleprocess. There was a time when one author managed all content creation. Today, because ofthe need for up to date information, companies must have strict workflow processes toensure accurate content. During the workflow management stage, an organization assignscertain access...

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