Digital Devices Lead To Low Concentration In College

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Students get bored in class is not a new phenomenon. Early research has shown that 77% of undergraduate students confessed of being fed up with attending classes, 15% of them is willing to cut classes because of laziness, 8% of them is not going to classes if there is not absent-checking, and only 7% of them is actually interested in listening to their lecturers (Nguyen Trang, 2012). However, the incidence of poor awareness in learning seems to be increasing on universities. It is an undeniable fact that the appearance of a range of social groups as “bored student council, Congress likes playing, likes sleeping than learning,…”on the social networking site has increasingly rising . Does it reflect an alarming issue that the students are really satiate to lecture?According to Mr. Nguyen (2012), most of students get sick of attending classes due to the fact that serious lecture has caused the dull atmosphere. Moreover, no amicable friend has been pointed out as second main reason. Finally, college students can escape from the binding of their parents.
According to a new study by a University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate professor (2013), the reason of low concentration in class was that typical college student plays with his or her digital device averaging 11 times a day while learning. Leslie Reed (2013) has showed that more than 80% of students admitted that the use of smart phones, tablets and laptops can interfere their learning. Regarding to situational factors, McCoy (2012) has reported that “students do not think that it is necessarily problematic matter but part of their lives.”
Here is how often respondents said they used their digital devices for non-classroom purposes during a typical day (percentages equal more than 100 % because of rounding):
• 1 to 3 times per day: 35 %
• 4 to 10 times per day: 27 %
• 11 to 30 times per day: 16 %
• More than 30 times per day: 15 %
• Never: less than 8 %

Nearly 86 % said they were texting, 68 % reported they were checking email, 66 percent said they using social networks, 38 % said they were surfing the Web and 8 % said they were playing a game.McCoy said he was surprised by one response: 79 % of the students said they used their digital device to check the time.
The top advantages of using digital devices for non-class purposes, according to...

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