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The Cause Of Digital Divide Essay

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This paper explores the topic of digital divide using the help of three web sources and two database articles. The digital divide growth is affected by more than just the lack of internet access, age, income and the rapid change in technology. Meinrath, Losey and Lennett (2011) present an unconsidered cause of the growing digital divide. Fung (2013) and Cohen (2010) and an Unknown Author (2011) provide very insightful information on other causes of the digital divide growth. Rusli and Clark (2013) provide an example of what can be done to help narrow the gap in the digital divide.

It seems like many people use or have access to the internet. Unfortunately, this is not the case due to many varying factors. The gap between the low-income and the high-class is widening making it impossible to afford internet access. People who can’t afford internet access, most likely can’t afford a computer. Meinrath, Losey and Lennett (2011) mention why achieving digital equality is more complex than it seems. Fung (2013) discusses in further detail why those who access the internet using their smartphones (mobile device) only limit themselves to what mobile internet provides. Cohen (2010) and Unknown Author (2011) discuss why the elderly play an important part in the digital divide. These factors only feed into the digital divide that somehow needs to be addressed. Rusli and Clark (2013) provide a good example of what can be done to address this matter.
Cohen (2010) discusses that the elderly are left at a major disadvantage in the digital divide. Even though some use the internet to create profiles on social networks, interchange texts with friends or e-mail, there are many that still don’t. “’The issue of older Americans who don’t use the Internet is a major concern, as access to many social and medical services that are vital to them move increasingly online.’” (Cohen, 2010) It is unfortunate that many elderly don’t consider using the internet to access important services to help them survive or get around in today’s technology-based society.
There are major reasons why the senior citizens resist the use of the internet. One reason that Unknown Author (2011) and Cohen (2010) agree on is that it is “not because the new technology is too confusing or too expensive, but because they aren’t aware that they need the Internet.” (Cohen, 2010) Other reasons might have to do with the elderly’s aging process. The elderly might have more trouble surfing the web due issues such as impaired eyesight, hearing loss or arthritis to name a few. (Cohen, 2010) Those senior citizens who do have the enthusiasm to be online are still at a disadvantage. The fact that they are getting old makes them more skeptical about learning new technology, even if it will benefit them in future.
One major problem that the elderly face regarding the digital divide’s widening gap has to do with young designers. Unknown Author (2011) mentions that nowadays technology is not designed for the...

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