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Digital Divide Data Essay

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Digital Divide Data (DDD) is a not-for profit organization with a social function of helping the poor and the disadvantaged young adults in the society have access to data entry and digitization knowledge. DDD is specialized in Information Technology outsourcing. This would help them be self-reliant and provide the basic needs they require in life. However, many constraints are facing the organization and therefore it has to set strategies for survival (Anju and Grete, 2009).
The current HR challenges facing DDD are that it is difficult for DDD to compete for and attract local management talent due to lack of enough financial resources to pay them. DDD also had difficulties in retaining its internally trained managers and high performing operators. Since Cambodia’s IT sector was rapidly growing, the highly trained professionals/managers could easily move out of DDD and the get absorbed elsewhere and get much higher salaries compared to what they ...view middle of the document...

For one to qualify to be a DDD staff, he or she needs to meet the role’s technical requirements including simple basic computer skills, basic business skills be proficient in English language. Additionally, the staff needs to be passionate about DDD’s social mission of helping the less advantaged young adults in the society.
The management staffs for DDD were required to have certain skills for it to be considered. One was expected to be professionally trained in the field of operation, be highly skilled to deliver quality, well trained in a quality learning curriculum system, proficient and intelligent to handle the challenges that faced DDD. Furthermore, the management staff need be in possession of key computer knowledge and good at English language. The manager must be well experienced in IT outsourcing and have excellent leadership skills.
There were several barriers that hindered DDD from recruiting the management staff it needed. Among them was the limited financial resources which made it had for DDD to compete for and attract local management talents. The local management talents preferred moving to high paying organizations unlike DDD that was facing financial crisis. There was also the issue of poor quality education that was offered in some regions like Cambodia. The curriculum was more of theory based where we are told that classes could end without the students touching a computer.
The main HR-related advantage with entering into a joint venture with a partner organization was that the organization would provide human resources to enhance fast pace expansion of DDD. Additionally, when in partnership, DDD would benefit from cost sharing of expenses related to human resource recruitment, retention and awarding of salaries.
In conclusion, we find that as DDD had faced several problems in administering its services to the less advantaged ones in the society, it had several options that could make it get out of the barriers. Partnering, organic growth and social franchising among others are some of the strategies to salvage Digital Divide Data (DDD).
Anju and Grete (2009) Digital Divide Data retrieved from UoPeople website at


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