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Digital Divide in United States and its consequences
Despite the fact that people should gain information equally and people should have the same amount of access to information no matter wherever they are the digital divide still exist in the United States.
According to Wikipedia, Digital Divide in the United States refers to Inequalities that individuals, households and group of people face in access to information and communication Technologies (ICT).As mentioned “Home Internet Access and Usage in United States” survey it states that not all the people have internet access based on research table only 73.1 percent people have internet access in the 2008. It also indicate the not all the people who have internet use them daily the table shows only 57.5 percent people uses internet daily.
The one of the most shocking discovery was made by this table was the difference of internet usage between college degree and non-college degree people. People who has college degree has 5 times more internet usage than the people with non- college degree. Based on that article the college degree student has 7 times more like hood of enjoying the internet than the one with high school degree. We find that likelihood of person having internet at home fall down 5 percent each year increase in his or her age. In 2002-2008 period men has 30 percent les likelihood than woman having internet access at home.
The final part of the article suggests that the nonexistence or less usage of internet suggest some kind of economic or infrastructure constraint rather than inclination or ability to use the internet. The like hood for richer person to increase their internet access is about 40 percent to 60 percent more. The likelihood of male remain same internet access is about 30 percent lower. The likelihood of remain same internet access decreases 5 percent less each year increase in age. There could also be different regional charges for internet on that area which could differentiate the amount of internet users.
The second major impact of the Digital divide is in the usage of the online government information and government services. A lack access of the internet is major issue in of access to technology. According to the wright in 2001 60 % of the white household has internet access .On the other hand only 34 % of African American and 38% of Latino household has internet access. Similarly 78% internet accesses in people with household income between the 50K and 75K, compared to 40 % of internet access in people with income from 20K to 25K. Regarding the age 18-24 years old student and their parent 45-54years old report the highest usage of home internet access of 61%.
In addition to the disparity in access there is also some percentage of people who lacks skill...

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