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With the development of science and technology, our life relies on digital products much more than in previous decades. What has the digital era brought to people? Digital activities have been helping us in many fields, ranging from daily life to scientific research and from automated production to school learning. We can get information from all over the world in a timely way via Internet; we can shop online at home instead of going out; also we can having business trades with other by using some trading software. If we live without digital activities, what would life be like? It would be not efficient or convenient for us to keep contact with our friends without mobile phones. However, ...view middle of the document...

After a few years ago, computer had played an important role in my lives, including the daily life and the study when I finally got my own computer. Because of the computer, QQ got into my life. I can do a lot of things on QQ: searching information, sending or receiving E-mails, talking with others, playing games, and so on. Besides, I was a English Major student, I needed more things on English to enrich my minds and broaden my views, so I used it to chat with my foreign friends via QQ, and it benefited me to enlarge my vocabulary and knowledge and also saved me a lot of time on searching newspapers and books in the library or bookstore. Therefore, I have gone into the digital era.
What kind of the influence do the digital activities bring to people's life? Frankly speaking, these modern digital activities offer me a more convenient life than before. Social networking becomes very public on the digital era. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. Facebook, one of free site for anyone to join, is used by more than 500 million people in every country on the world. And that is why Facebook promotes agriculture to establish a great relationship with social. According to "using Facebook as a communication tool in agricultural-related social movements", the articles say, "the creation of the Facebook groups provided a communication channel for the promotion of the social movement." They know that many other organizations have been using it, and a lot of people have been involved in the social networking site. Facebook change people's relationship step by step. By using Facebook, they provide the most effective opinion and engage in issues, the relationship between agriculture and society become closer, and the more important thing is they are utilizing Facebook to communicate agricultural issues to the public, and to promote social movements. As we know, people may seldom come into contact with agriculture, and

they don't know about the knowledge of agriculture unless they like agriculture. If agricultural communicators use Facebook to promote social movements, people will know soon because they will see or realize the information of agriculture via they check the Facebook every time. So, Facebook helps the development of relationships between agriculture and others.
In addition, Facebook has influenced the relationship between students and teachers. In "Using Facebook to facilitate course-related discussion between students and faculty members." DiVall, Margarita V. and Jennifer L. Kirwin. expose that using Facebook is convenient course-related discussion between students and faculty, and it improves the relationship between the teachers and students. The students are no longer afraid to communicate with the teacher as before, they would like to ask and discuss with their teachers. In one study, they create the page for students where can participate in online discussions of course material and related current events. They use...

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