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Digital Generation Essay

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Tasks the First Digital Generation has to do
Practically, the first digital generation has less authority than the older generation in Korean churches. However, the role of the first digital generation is very important in terms of a bridge generation. According to Lee, the first generation is the bridge generation in Korea that understands but only Confucianism, but also the digital culture.
To begin with, the young people, the first digital generation, should try to separate themselves from the negative influences and experiences the older people give them in terms of Confucianism. Even though they not only prefer the digital environment to the Confucian one, but also criticize the ...view middle of the document...

For example, on the one hand, although the parent/child relationship model in terms of mission is not biblical, the young people, the first digital generation should respect the model the older generation is accustomed to. On the other hand, they should follow the model based on egalitarianism the younger generation wants. However, it is important for them not to compromise the truth of the gospel for incarnational mission.
In addition, the first digital generation should follow the incarnational way in terms of mission instead of an attractional way. In general, the older people take it for granted that the younger generation comes to their cultural boundaries in the Korean church context. So, before carrying out their ministries or missions for the young generation, they are inclined to make sure that the younger generation is inside of their boundaries.
On the contrary, in light of the incarnational approach, the first digital generation should not ask the younger generation to come particular boundaries. Instead, the first generation has to go to the younger generation in person. In other words, they need to cross any boundary to build relationships with the younger generation.
In short, they should be used to not only an institutional approach to mission, which tends to defend boundaries, but also an incarnational one to mission, which tends to cross boundaries.
Third, by the same token, the young people, the first digital generation, should try to challenge themselves to become “150-percent persons.” Jesus, sent to the world as a missionary, is the model of incarnational mission by being “100 percent God and 100 percent Jew, a 200-percent person.” However, finite human beings cannot become 100 percent incarnate in another culture. Rather, they as missionaries should aim to become 150-percent persons.
In this sense, the young people, the first digital generation should try to become 75 percent Confucian person and 75 percent digital native, 150-percent persons. Strictly speaking, neither the Confucian culture nor digital culture is their own culture. However, they can accommodate themselves to both of them. For that reason, they may be tempted to choose to become Confucian persons or digital natives in accordance with their own good. However, they have to seek the good of other generations(1Co 10:24). To be sure, although living as 150-percent persons is never easy, they should keep the identity based on 150-percent persons for both of the older generation and the younger generation who have the cultural bias about each other.
Tasks the Second...

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