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Digital Media And The Loss Of Privacy

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Privacy on the Web has become a growing issue among Americans' due to tracking and social profiling of users' and their online habits. Government, businesses, web platforms and their advertisers are collecting users' online data on a daily basis through various techniques which could be used for study, security, and economic advantage.
According to “The Danger of Big Data: Social Media as Computational Social Science,” smaller bits of user shared data can potentially be combined together to reveal information that could be damaging to a group or individual in which they may view as an invasion of their privacy. The capacity to collect and analyze such data can become a concern when that ...view middle of the document...

Among the top groups that users' try to avoid are advertisers and criminals.
Some of the methods that users' have taken to avoid observation online involve clearing their history, deleting or editing information that they may have posted in the past, or disabling internet cookies from their web browser. It was found that users' who had taken steps to remain anonymous compared to those that did not often had the most personal information online. Many users' find it important that access to particular information they share is limited to those they authorize, and hose that believe that current privacy laws are not adequate are also more likely to have a stronger view on controlling their personal information online.
According to research gathered by Pew Research Center and Zogby International, there exists a difference of perception on privacy between younger and older age groups. Users' from ages 30-49 are more often to exhibit control of personal information or to simply withhold information from the internet found private by them than younger users' who are likely to have personal information of themselves online. The differentiating view on privacy combined with demand from younger users' is bringing about rapid changes in technology that can reflect their nature, and often faster than laws can adjust. Some examples of this can be found with the Google project “Google Glass,” a wearable computer and camera built into a pair of glasses,...

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