Digital Nation Essay

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Digital Nation

As we move from a print-oriented Industrial Age to a digitally based Information Age, how do you think individu-als, communities, and nations will be affected?

Technology has changed the world in many ways and has had a significant influence on almost all individuals, communities, and the world. In the film/article, "Digital Nation," Rachel Dretzin, and Douglas Rushkoff, explore the positive and negative impacts of technology in our daily lives. After viewing this film, I truly became more aware of the pros and cons that are affiliated with the constant use of digital technology.

In my opinion, the digital age has become a part of our culture and the use of iPhones, internet, and online gaming has changed from a resource to a necessity and even an addiction in certain cases. Internet gaming is one example of the negative aspect of digital technology. Online gaming has truly created a distance between face to face communications, because instead of going out and actually hanging out with friends, kids are connecting online and playing together for countless hours. This is a huge problem for our younger generations to come, because of the antisocial behavior that even I have noticed in my community, is rapidly increasing. Countries like Korea, online gaming has become such a huge problem, that the government has established rehab centers called Internet Rescue Camps, for kids of all ages who are literally addicted to playing games.

Education is another issue that has been severely impacted by Information technology. While students have been shown to have developed multi-tasking behaviors, this characteristic could be described as both valuable and at the same time unbeneficial depending on the learning material absorbed by the student. The access to the web has...

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