Digital Piracy: A Problem Without An Effective Solution

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Digital piracy is making up profit from illegal copying and reselling music, videos, software videogames and other digital media which requires genuine. In 2005, loses of legal media and software industry from digital piracy was $200 billion (DSTI/IND (2007). Also, Oberholzer-Gee (2010) indicates that 60% of world wide web broadband busy by consumers’ video, game and music sharing. To avoid this issue intellectual proprietors use various methods. In this paper is shown methods to dodge problem of digital piracy. There are two ways to protect legal digital content from piracy. Firstly, there is indirectly impact to society, where manufacturers are producing additional equipment like guitars for game “Guitar Hero” and forwarding special social services where people can play with each other via internet, so while people playing, system is checking license (Goel, 2010). In addition, companies perform free software with fewer options than paid software. Moreover, some organizations such as Free Software Association and Open Source agitation, which advert spreading software for free have helped to grapple with problem of expensive software and companies that gain from this, for example, Microsoft (Hill, 2007). Secondly, there is direct impact on users, where companies and internet providers use methods which impacts directly on users such as blocking peer-to-peer connections between users and web-sites where users can download pirated software. Furthermore, closing the sources of piracy is supported by governments of countries such as China (Tong, 2008). In this paper is shown methods to protect against piracy such as copy-protected software, closing sources of piracy, legislation and distribution of free soft. Each of solution will be described in 3 properties: effects in society, current state and effectiveness of the method. Moreover, paper demonstrates that no of these methods are not working alone in effective way.

Piracy in numbers:
In the 21st century the digital media and software industry are going to be one of the most profitable businesses and an annual growth of the industry is significant. For example, according to Adobe Corporation’s annual revenue report (2008) an income of the company was 724 millions of dollars in 2007 and income had grown by 148 million dollars to 872 million in 2008. Also, Goel claims that the U.S. music record industry’s income doubled in the last decade of 20th century from $7.5 billion in 1990 to $8.5 billion in 1999. In spite of these profits, companies lose large quantity of money from illegal copying of their products. The Business Software Alliance (2005) says that in 2004 the software industry had lost $33 billion from digital piracy. However, not only software industry has sheer loss from piracy, also, music and film industries took fewer profits from illegal copying. In addition, the rate of pirated media on computers is different. In comparison, in U.S. this number equals 21%...

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