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Digital Report Assignment

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The group that I must evaluate is group number 1, 3, 4 and 8. Firstly, I have done evaluate the first of group number 1. The topics that are presented by them are computer games with the explanation are they waste time and money. The group member of this group presentation is 4 members. They are Muhammad Haziq bin Mustafa, Saiful Nizam Bin Nordin, Nazira Edora Binti Mohd Azhar, and Nabilah Binti Ahmad Termizi.
During they present the topic about computer games, I have observed and evaluate in terms of their contents and presentation. The contents are divided into research, relevance, topicality, and conclusion. I am also can see their presentation in terms of research and give them 15 marks ...view middle of the document...

This group presentation also have presented about the PESTLE Analysis include for the computer games. Moreover, this concept of PESTLE Analysis has been described about the political, economic, social and technology, legal and environment. In additionally, this PESTLE Analysis is used to keep a track of while contemplating on a certain idea and plan.
In my observation, the total content presented by this group is good. This group also has tells a lot about the advantages and disadvantage of computer games with clear and easy to understand. However, they also should add more contents for presentation about does it correct or not that computer games are waste of time and money. Therefore, this group should be looking for information and review more in about the disadvantages of computer games to support the topic that has given. Additionally, this group also has many explanations about computer games in terms of PESTLE analysis that are applied to study more about the computer games. The materials such as picture and other example that are presented by this group are actually good and simple. It can give an audience to get more understand.
Other than that from my observation, although computer games have a lot of good to the public but also dangerous to the mind and also create tension in the nervous system and body of people. The computer games can also be a tremendous waste of time and destroyer of relationships with other people either friends or family. Moreover, computer games were invented a younger generations and are losing the ability to think and imagine things.
The conclusion that was presented by this group is computer games become increasingly realistic and technology develops the rigorous classification of games. They also tell that many pros and cons when playing computer games. In my opinion, the conclusion from this group is not enough that follow with the title of the topic. The other conclusion is with my personally think that the computer games are a waste of time and money are correctly. It is making no intellectual contributions to young children our society. That is why we should encourage for young people to stop this harmful addiction and lead them for a better path. The parents also must take care about their children that still looking at the school and who studying in college. This is because, playing computer games can make them pay too much and waste time from studying in very well.
This topic is a very broad, but also is very important. It is very broad because in this topic there are given the people in terms of advantages and disadvantages that should be attention. Nowadays, various kinds of computer games have been developed in this world. The individuals also must know that the habits of computer games are actually are not very good even it can increase a profit, knowledge or others. When play the computer games, the individuals should be alert with time from wasting it and can distract ourselves from doing more...

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