Developing An Interface For Non Synaesthatic People

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1. Introduction:
The intention of this study was to develop an interface for non synaesthatic people, to perceive their environment from the eye of synaesthatic person. Although the syneasthesia is a natural behavior, indications of that situation can be used to increase the creativity of a normal person, in a way that stimulating multiple senses through an interactive art installment. In order to achieve this goal, emergent and cutting edge technologies had been used. Ultimately, a prototype has been developed as a result of an intensive study by integrating emergent technologies and some theories. The prototype tends to simulate syneasthesia in a way that, stimulating different senses such as, tactile, aural and visual real time simultaneously. In order to create inputs and outputs, FTIR (frustrated total internal reflection) surface with pressure sensor used as a tactile and touch interface, Cymatic Phonemona of Hans Jenny for visuals, also different sound effects created in Max MSP which are simulating the feeling of textures used on the FTIR surface.

2. Syneasthesia:
In broad terms, Synaesthesia can be described as a multi sensorial or cross dimensional perception of the environment. In this sense, perception of an event in the physical life, for example through hearing triggers not only the sense of hearing, but also an additional sense, such as having a taste or seeing a color from a particular sound (Maurer et al., 2012). The definition of this situation, whether it is a disease or not, is open to argument. Previous studies have argued, whether synaesthesia is a talent that every person naturally have from their birth, then lose it as they grow up and learn how to control their senses precisely, or it is something that can be learned in time and suddenly reveal in a period of a person's life (Cohen Kadosh et al., 2009; Deroy & Spence, 2013). In spite of different views and arguments on syneasthesia made by scientists, incredible experiences reported by syneasthetic people on this situation, also its effects on art and creativity is unignorable. It is widely known that some famous artists such as, David Hockney, Joan Mitchell, Barbara Ryan and Vincent van Gogh had their influence from their cross modal sensations.

3. Sound Patterns and Cymatics
Cymatics phenomena have come up and bring a new sight to visible sound. Some effects of sound on the matter discovered by early scientists Leonardo DA Vinci and Galilei, Galileo, however, the first significant research on that carried out by German musician Ernst Chladni in the 18th century. According to the Chladni patterning system, each frequency resonates the plate differently, thus, according to the material properties of the plate, each point vibrates not as same as the other points. One of the most important landmark in the history of visible sound, perhaps, is the researches of Hans Jenny, who is called the father of Cymatics and the inventor of the tonoscope which is working in a way...

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