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Dignity And Pride Essay

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In my story the main character Mathilde Loisel makes a single misconception that affects her life for 10 years. All because of her dignity and pride. The single aberration that affected her life was, when she disoriented the diamond necklace that her wealthy friend Madame Forestier gave for the elegant party.

The first reason is just as her husband Monsieur Loisel returns home proudly bearing an invitation to a formal elegant party that been hosted by the Ministry of education.When Mathilde Loisel advocate that she does not have a dress for the occasion her husband volunteers to pay for a new one, despite the fact that it will cost him his next summer’s vacation money. We could hastily learn about Mathilde’s selfish personality and her yearning for luxuries and items that are unattainable for her at the time. Monsieur Loisel still tries to keep her joyful.

The second reason is fragment the party approached. Mathilde starts to behave oddly. She confesses that the reason for her dreadful conduct is her lack of ornament. Monsieur Loisel gave her idea to acquire the ornament from her best friend. Madame Forestier agree to lend Mathilde her ornament and she selects a rhinestone necklace. At the elegant party, Mathilde is the most gorgeous woman in attendance and everyone notices her. Mathilde is having so much fun with other rich mens. His husband Monsieur Loisel is waiting for her in a lounge. Just as they finally return home, Mathilde is sadended that the night has ended. As she remove her wrap, she discover that he necklace is no longer around her neck. In a consternation Monsieur Loisel goes outside looking for that diamond still he did not found that necklace. He instructs her to write to Madame Forestier and say that, I broken the clasp of the necklace and is getting mended. They...

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