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Dignity And The Ability To Survive: Covers The True Story Of Ah Q By Lu Hsun. It Describes And Relates Ah Q To All The People Of China. He Has The Ability To Survive Every Hardship He Encounters.

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Dignity and the Ability to Survive The book and the poems we had to read for our first Chinese paper were interesting to read. The book was The True Story of Ah Q, by Lu Hsun. The poems were The Lady of Wen-chi; Recruiting Officer at Shih-hao Village by Du Fu; To His Old Friend Hsin by Li Gai; Fighting South of the Ramparts; A Song of War Chariots by Du Fu; Anonymous Woman Poet (10th Century); Shu Shih and L Ts'un-hsu. The book and the poems all told of a society that is very different than the society we know in America. They all show how different their culture is from our own. So many things are different; from the way they talk, events in their daily lives, their politics, their values and beliefs, their coping skills, their resiliency, and the way they hold dignity and power as their most important aspects of life. I will start by discussing the book, The True Story of Ah Q. In this book, Lu Hsun, strongly shows how the Chinese survive by holding on to their dignity, no matter what happens to them. Their dignity is what keeps them going. Their dignity is critical to succeed in life. They win every fight they have, simply by retaining their dignity even if they lose the physical fight. Whatever happens to them in life, they can move on because they know they are good people. They know they can survive as long as they have pride in themselves.I felt as though this book made China look like a country consisting of a society full of angry people. It certainly didn't seem like a time and place that I would ever want to live or even visit. Constantly throughout the book, Ah Q is in numerous fights and beaten many times. Despite the physical beating, Ah Q does not give up. He holds on to his dignity. He holds his head high and he knows he is a good person and he will survive if he has his dignity. This book makes China look as though they can withstand great corporal punishment, but their dignity still survives. The Chinese have a need for power and everyone is rated on power. This is apparent when Hsun writes, "Then only after Ah Q had, to all appearances, been defeated...would the idlers walk away, satisfied at having won. (p.10)" The idlers of Weichuang make jokes at Ah Q's expense and they will not give up until they are pleased with their ability to demean him. They have won a fight and they are satisfied, but at the same time they have their pride to move them along in their life.On the other hand, when Ah Q left this fight, he also felt as though he had won. Yes, he physically had lost the fight, but he turned around and told himself that he had won. Hsun writes "In less than ten seconds, however, Ah Q would walk away satisfied that he had won, thinking that he was the "foremost self-belittler"...remained was "foremost." (p.10)" Ah Q gets up after the fight and tells himself he is great and he can go on. He knows he still has his pride and he will always have it in the end. When Mr. Chao slaps Ah Q, it is once more...

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