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Dijk, T. (2001). Multidisciplinary Cda: A Plea For Diversity. In R. Wodak, & M. Meyer (Eds.), Methods Of Critical Discourse Analysis. (Pp. 95 121). London: Sage Publications Ltd.

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Dijk, T. (2001). Multidisciplinary CDA: A plea for diversity. In R. Wodak, & M. Meyer (Eds.), Methods of critical discourse analysis. (pp. 95-121). London: SAGE Publications Ltd.Reviewed by Ola El-Wassify Helwan University Cairo, EgyptOla.el-wassify@hotmail.comVan Dijk, in this article, aims at creating principles and workable instructions for doing critical discourse analysis (CDA). He is focusing on the socio-cognitive interface of discourse analysis. Also he is stating that CDA is flexible with approaches depending on what the researcher wants to investigate.However, the functions that CDA needs are stated clearly; not in a form of tips, but more like suggestions. Levels and dimensions of CDA were widely explained in this article. Dijk points out the relevant analytical choices in relation to text and context in order to study social structures and power in discourse. The article is divided into seven main points, supported by examples and other minor points.The first point 'In favour of diversity' the aim of the article is clearly shown along with the author's method in representing CDA achievable guidelines. He states that these guidelines are not to be blindly followed, but rather learned from. Further, Dijk argued that CDA is 'diverse and multidisciplinary'. Another essential point is the definition of 'Multidisciplinary', which I would like to provide from 'The Language of Politics' by Adrian Beard. He stated that 'Multidisciplinary' provides a foundation for the analysis of texts, supporting students who want to achieve a detailed focus on language.To introduce his approach, Dijk gives a brief informative definition of CDA. Interestingly, he started with 'What CDA is not' followed by 'what CDA is', which helps the reader to absorb the given information easily when presented together. Also presenting what does CDA combine together makes it easier to understand how it looks like, as well as presenting its main characteristics. Dijk makes it clear that CDA must be accurate and strict as it combines scholarly and social responsibilities. It must also justify the multiplex connections between discourse structures and social structures. Analyses in CDA theories not only should be relevant, educable, and reachable, but likewise sophisticated and underived from observation, as Dijk argues. In like manner, he goes on to state CDA's comprehensibility.Next, Dijk thinks highly of the essential significance of the study of cognition, not only that of society. However, this does not mean that CDA should be restricted to social and cognitive analysis, but rather he reveals his interest in socio-cognitive interface of discourse analysis. The complicated issues CDA deals with require 'a historical, cultural, socio-economic, philosophical, logical or neurological approach' relying on what the researcher wants to investigate, as Dijk claims. Based on his ideas, CDA lacks a well built and valid 'linguistic' premise. As a result, 'linguistic' is...

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