Dilemma Between Autonomy And Direct Control Within Mangerial Control In Current Organisation

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Management control strategy is not a one dimensional formulae of labour controlling, other than controlling employees, it is also about exploiting employees' discretionary effort and creativity as a prime interest. In the Webboys article, Barrett (2004: 787) demonstrated how different strategies have been manipulated separately and simultaneously to control the labour process of developing primary software. This essay is going to investigate various directions of management strategies, which incorporate with radical approaches of control in response to the dilemma between offset the notions between "direct control" and "responsible autonomy dichotomy" (Friedman in Barrett 2004: 38). Based on the argument that there is "no best way" (Hyman in Barrett 2004: 38) of management strategies, which Barret contend in the Webboyz case study. This essay is concerned that autonomy can never be fully implemented without direct control. Furthermore, we can never separate the various management strategies fads with their perpetual aim- controlling employees to achieve the best result. I will examine the particular approaches of classical scientific management has been applied to the fast food industry, in terms of controlling by financial incentives, rigid task design. Therefore, team is sought to be a "substitute for a more indirect forms of integration and supervision."(Fulop and Linstead1999:220)

I will discuss different perspective of team in regards of providing autonomy to employees which "empowers" them in order to achieve the most effective outcome. Moreover, further discussions of general problems of teamwork in the call centre industry, and various managerial concerns in regards to normative approach would be examined. Correspondently, corporate culture is control is introduced as a modern management strategy, which encourages employees to accept the values of the enterprise, while also promote a sense of belongingness in all participants. (Ray, 1986: 289). Some critics have begun to question the extent which the behaviors of employees in respond to the change of corporate culture in the organization. In addition, commitment and trust cultivate between employees and management in the interrelating control notions as a whole.

According to Taylor's theory(Taylor F.W. 1903 in Fulop and Linstead1999:220), (Fulop and Linstead1999:220) noted that, "under previous form of management...managers did very little genuine work at all; simply checking to see when a particular set of general instructions had completely had been completely."

However, management must take over the responsibility to determine how and who needs to be done down the most minute level, leaving the worker to execute a series of predetermined tasks been laid out. This notion has been adopted by the fast food industry globally; the level of detail in specifying work routine is remarkably systematic, for instance, workers are required to behave as if they do not...

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