Dilemma In The Workplace The Enron Corporation. Includes Background On The Company, Key Problems And Issues, Who Was Affected, And Evaluations And Solutions. 3,010 Words. Greatly Detailed.

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The Enron Corporation- Dilemma in the WorkplaceThe Enron Corporation (Enron) was once one of the world's leading energy companies. In December 2001, Enron filed the largest corporate bankruptcy claim in United States history. The collapse led to investigations of both Enron and Arthur Andersen, an accounting firm employed by Enron. Investigators focused on charges that Enron deliberately concealed its financial problems, misled investors, and failed to pay income taxes.Enron has taken a downward slide since January making their stock worthless today. With corrupt executives and the help of their auditing firm, they have been able to provide investors with false financial information, which gave them a false picture of the company's true state of affairs. The collapse of Enron has made thousands of employees lose their life savings in 401k plans, and company stock holdings. Investors were defrauded out of billions of dollars and everyone is asking the questions, "How did this happen, and can we prevent this from happening again?"Company BackgroundIn 1930, Northern Natural Gas, a Nebraska-based gas pipeline company was founded. By 1950, the company had doubled in size. A decade later, it started processing and transporting natural gas liquids. The company was renamed InterNorth in 1980 and bought Belco Petroleum three years later. InterNorth also helped build the Northern Border Pipeline to link Canadian fields with the United States markets. (C-Span.com, 2002)Houston Natural Gas (HNG) formed in 1925 as a South Texas natural gas distributor. The company started developing oil and gas properties in 1953. It bought Houston Pipe Line Company in 1956 and Valley Gas Production in 1963. HNG sold its original distribution properties to Entex in 1976. In 1984, HNG dealt with a hostile takeover attempt by a competitor and, as a result, brought in a former Exxon executive as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The executive refocused HNG on natural gas and added Transwestern Pipeline and Florida Gas Transmission. (WashingtonPost.com, 2002)By 1985, HNG operated the only transcontinental gas pipeline. In 1985, InterNorth bought HNG, creating the United States' largest natural gas pipeline system. Once these companies merged, it was renamed to Enron. The headquarters was then moved from Omaha to Houston.In 1992, Enron and three partners acquired control of a 4,100-mile pipeline in Argentina. Enron bought several gas businesses from gas leader Williams in 1993 and began its power marketing business as the global electricity markets began deregulating.In 1997, Enron bought its own electric utility, Portland General Electric (PGE). In 1998, Enron began power trading in Australia and became the first power marketer in Argentina. The company continued to expand by buying power plants near New York City. In addition, Enronacquired more companies globally such as Wessex Water in the United Kingdom and companies in India and China.In 2000, Enron contributed its retail...

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2397 words - 10 pages such comments as saying she looked better without any clothes on and repeatedly asked her out on dates. She brought this issue up with her supervisor who wrote to the customer asking him to refrain from "any future conduct that could be perceived as offensive or intimidating". The harassment continued and the whole building, not just the tenant was taken away from her route. The courts ruled in favor of the employees even though the company had

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1580 words - 6 pages come. Our President, George Bush recently signed a ban on abortion and plans on taking it to court to make it illegal (Entous). This ban will cover partial-birth abortions. This type of abortion has been the subjects of many disputes and failed to make it to court. Many people were outraged and upset because it didn’t protect women’s rights. Who knows if abortion will ever become illegal? The way the world is going, it may never become illegal. Our values and morals have diminished and things may continue to worsen. As long as America has a strong president that stands up for what he believes in concerning the issue, we may one day see it happen.

Dilemma in the Workplace

937 words - 4 pages Workplace Dilemma 1 GEN - 480Instructor: Becky SmithNovember 24, 2008In today's business landscape with the constant change and expansion of technology, organizations face challenging and difficult ethical choices. Organizations should not only focus on making good decisions, it must be made at the right way and at the right time.Decision-Making Ethics and MoralityMorality plays an important role in ethical decision-making. Logically, moral

Dilemma in the Workplace

2932 words - 12 pages unethical behavior in the some workplace is the improper use of punch clocks. Hourly employees, who are required to punch a clock, will sometimes have other employees clock them in when they are not on duty. This is just another way of lying or falsifying company records and time abuse. Employees, who are not required to punch a clock, occasionally extend their break periods and never make up the nonproductive time.During the planning or budgeting

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