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Dilemma In The Workplace Essay

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Workplace Dilemma 1
GEN - 480Instructor: Becky SmithNovember 24, 2008In today's business landscape with the constant change and expansion of technology, organizations face challenging and difficult ethical choices. Organizations should not only focus on making good decisions, it must be made at the right way and at the right time.Decision-Making Ethics and MoralityMorality plays an important role in ethical decision-making. Logically, moral lines should be clearly drawn and yet it is not uncommon to experience an ethical dilemma in the workplace. "An ethical dilemma occurs when a person must choose among actions that offer possible benefits while also violating ethical standards. Ethical decision-making refers to a process in which individuals can freely make a decision based on the evaluation of the interests of all parties when facing ethical dilemmas" (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, 2005). When faced with an ethical dilemma one must consider ethical behavior, in other words, one must consider the decision that is morally good and right. However, not all managers subscribe to the concept of ethical behavior; these managers are termed immoral managers.An immoral manager will make decisions without moral consideration for the sole purpose of personal advancement. Such decisions can range from performing favors for advancement to saving capital by dumping drums of toxic waste into the ocean. Subordinates can be subject to immoral directives causing confusion between doing the right thing, possibly losing employment and following orders. For instance, an immoral manager might assign an employee to destroy incriminating documents. Subordinates can also make immoral decisions such as using the company's Internet resource and technology to chat and browse inappropriate material during working hours."The immoral manager, by contrast, fails to consider the ethics of a decision or behavior" (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, 2005). This failure to consider the ethics of a decision does not manifest from a desire to self-promote but from a lack of attention to ethical implication. Immoral behavior ranges from the display of favoritism, unconscious discrimination like a preference for working in a same sex environment, and exaggerating personal contribution. For instance, two equally qualified candidates are applying for the same position. One of the applicants, we will call him Bob, drops the names of a few mutual acquaintances he or she shares with the manager. An immoral manager would more than likely hire Bob because of this relationship."Moral managers subscribe to the concept of ethics mindfulness. Such a manager would incorporate the organization and society ethics codes into every day decisions. For this manager, ethical behaviors are goals, standards, and even a matter of routine" (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, 2005). Referring back to the previous example let us add that Bob displays habits and behaviorisms that will blend well with the organization's...

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