Problems A Muslim Family Faces Living In Britain

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Problems a Muslim Family Faces Living in Britain

A Muslim family living in Britainface many problems in their everyday
life, either in work, school, or their lifestyle. A Muslim wanting
work in Britainmay find it difficult to find a job as their religion
means they have to pray 5 times a day. This will no doubt affect their
work and the company may find a Muslim a burden as an employee.

Teenagers living in Britainwill have an incredible amount of
difficulty especially in their school lives. Muslim parents believe
that their children should be educated in single sex schools as soon
as the children reach puberty (single sex secondary schools). Some
Muslim parents also believe that girls should not have an academic
education. In school P.E for girls is a problem as women are not
allowed to show flesh and therefore they will have to wear a
tracksuit. Problem lessons in school are Sex education; Muslim parents
don't believe sex education should be taught in school. R.E is also a
problem as Muslims believe the main focus is around Christianity and
not on their religion. Art is a problem lesson as it focuses on the
human body and shows flesh. Music, history and English are also
problem lessons in school.

Food in Britainis a major problem in a Muslims lifestyle many foods
are "Haram" - forbidden. No pork is permitted in the Muslim diet or
any other food that comes from a pig. Some ice creams, biscuits,
pastries, meat pies, some tinned soups, cakes and cheeses are also not
allowed as they could contain fat from an animal that has not been
killed in the Muslim way (one stroke of a very sharp knife as "Allahu
Akbar" - God is great, is said 3 times) This will be increasingly
difficult for a Muslim family living in a non- Muslim part of Britain
as they...

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