Issues In The Current Health Care System With Solutions And Perspectives.

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"-but if I swerve from it or violate it, may the reverse be my lot."At the consistently highest ranked hospital in the United States, Johns Hopkins a few weeks ago opened a new department that focused on remedial medicine. While the department is small, barely funded, and is currently responsible for writings and small research, many speculate that indeed it must be a much more important starting of a new step. While remedial medicine is a true section in our medical field, it stands nowhere near the pharmaceutical industry which caps a multi-billion dollar market in the United States alone. Yet, in countries like China and other Eastern-Asian nations where a good majority of medicines remain remedial-it's impossible to say that this form of medicine is still one from the past.When focusing on one of the world's largest healthcare systems and economies, it's also where most influencing from medicine will come from. For over a generation now, our healthcare system and medical fields have been driven my technology without doubt; whether it's the newest brain scanning MRI or surgical device, though can this really be said about medicine? Many professionals with even proper methodical will mostly sway towards no. Surely, pharmaceuticals exist for a better; yet if that better involves a path of risk and mild development-why take it? Recently, there were good insights from the Harvard Health Letter and the Johns Hopkins Medical Journal, upon taking the evolution of medicine. Both writings focused on Avicenna's The Canon of Medicine which was published back in 1025. Yet both authors' gave insight to not call it "folk medicine" since it's from original writings like these where treatments were all remedial that medicine evolved. Then in the 15th century when forms of printing were made easier, more medical publications were made causing medicine to root out internationally. The moral of the authors' journals were that if we look at today's modern medicine there are obvious roots to the past; and now, just like we have always done we must evolve it the proper way. This went on to point out the billions that pharmaceutical companies had spent in trying to develop certain weight loss pills, pills for diseases that feed into the irresponsibility of people such as eliminating the effects of smoking or eating to many fattening foods, or other medications which make life "wrongfully" easier. These areas in medicine are known as "magic pills", medication which is most likely not going to exist, and if it did a wrongful benefit would come from it.The Mayo Clinic recently published an article in its very own health letter after having conducted a survey amongst patients upon inquiries of whether there should be a "magic" pill that eliminates all weight regardless of what we eat. A vast majority replied to the wanting of such a pill-obviously. Yet, obviously a Mayo Clinic PhD stated how such a pill would cause so many problems on so many levels, whether it's...

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1222 words - 5 pages streamlining medicine by utilizing EMR takes more time and causes more frustration than the informative note in the paper record. Another change occurred with community providers also known as primary care providers (PCPs). The PCPs stopped taking care of their patients in the hospital because of increased complications within the new system and their own current practice pressures. However, Children’s is maintaining the provider and

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