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Problems With High School Education Essay

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Problems with High School Education
Public education has been a staple to American society since the mid nineteenth century. However, in the years since, the public school system has developed many flaws. The system that was originally created to enhance the lives of students and better society now causes much detriment. Although public education claims to be the “great equalizer” there are many problems ignored by school reform policies that hinder the learning of children.
Income greatly impacts a child’s learning ability. In the United States, where a child attends school is based on where he or she lives, which is based upon the income of the family. Typically, families with lower income must send their children to poor quality schools. Schools in low income areas are more likely to have unsatisfactory teachers, or teachers with little experience because of the salary the school can offer. Even though many forms of financial aid are accessible to low income students wanting to attend college, there is no such acclaim available to low income families who would prefer to live in a higher quality school system (Rouse/Barrow, 1-2). Children who live in a home where money is scarce do not have as many necessary resources as their wealthier peers. For example, many low income families lack books, computers, Internet access, and parents with a high education that can assist their children with schoolwork. These children are behind academically, and piling on standardized test after test to measure their progress and teacher worth is not productive (Strauss, 2). The federal education policy has been ignoring the issue of poverty for years now because many school reformers argue that the effects of living in poverty is “an excuse” to overcoming education achievements (Strauss, 2 ). However, poverty cannot be deemed as “an excuse” because children have no control over what type of family he or she is born in to. Nationally twenty-two percent of children in America live at or below the federal poverty line, which means twenty-two percent of children are not being adequately prepared for citizenship or a career (Strauss, 1). Until school reform decides to eliminate some effects of living in poverty from their school improvement plans, it is inevitable they will fail because blaming things such as parents, teachers, low expectations, and low standards will do nothing to help hungry, sick, tired, and stressed kids (Strauss, 2).
Another major problem that can obstruct a child’s ability to learn in school is stress. Stressors can range from school to friends to work to family, et cetera, and can occur at any age (Teens Feeling Stressed, 1). Nowadays, there are excessive amounts of pressure put on students by unrealistic expectations from parents and schools. An indicator that parents are pushing their children too hard is the level of exhaustion in teens. For example, teens need nine and a quarter hours sleep per night, but...

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