Dimensions Of Culture, Values, And Communication Paper: Diversity In Communications

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Norms are unwritten laws that basically dictate what is right to do and what is unacceptable. Some norms vary from person to person, but other norms are collective within a society and different cultural backgrounds. This is important to know because when one understands different norms from their own, they are able to tailor their communication to achieve a desired result.The representation of culture has three primary dimensions - language, physical, and psychological. (Weaver, 2003) The language dimension is used to communicate with other people who have similiar beliefs and values as we do. The physical dimension refers to the environment and cultural activities of people. Knowledge, our beliefs, and our mental activities are of the psychological dimension. Since all of these dimensions are connected, it is significant to comprehend the differences among people in order to communicate effectively. Before we understand others, we must understand our own dimensions and why we are the way we are. When we allow that to happen, then perhaps we can broaden our minds to try to understand how different backgrounds communicate and respond to things. Let us take a look into the Asian culture.There are many Asian Americans in the world today who have traveled from their mainland in search of a better life, because the United States has more opportunities. For those who have lived in Asia, there is often a culture shock because the norms in the States are very different from those in Asia. When one is able to assimilate to the norms for Americans, they may be able to feel a better sense of belonging, however, the opposite is usually true when they interact with their family. Many times, Asian Americans can feel conflicted because of the different cultural values between Americans and the Asian culture. For example, many second and third generation Filipinos search for identity because these people were born in the States, which would make them American, yet some Americans do not consider them such or treat them as equals. At other times, they can not consider themselves Filipino either because they may have not learned the language, history, or culture. (Bautista, 2005) For someone who is in the United States, the concept of dating can become an issue. Usually, it is expected for one to marry someone within their own race, but depending on one's location, one might not find someone of their cultural background to date. This might open the door to relate to other cultures, which may displease the family, but for the assimilated person, this is rarely a big deal. If these two people continue the relationship, being disowned from the family can be an option, or the family may tolerate the individual from dating "out of their race" but still show displeasure and make it known to the other person. Other differences within culture can also have a person feeling inferior because of the social class, appearance, and where the...

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