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It has always been an assumption in our modern culture that college students will gain weight (at least 10-15 pounds) when they go off to college. Most students and families laugh at this “college tradition” and play it off as somewhat of a joke. However, the fact of the matter is that many college students gain much more than just 15 pounds over the course of their college career and most students don’t realize the long term consequences of eating unhealthy. The risks are real and backed by scientific studies. I am proposing a very simple idea that can benefit the health of many students that attend the University of Northern Iowa; set up a meeting with a representative from the Department of Residence, give this representative scientific facts and research that can help them see this is a real issue on campus, suggest a new, healthier venue to be built in both the Piazza and the Rialto, and finally, set up a study that can measure the effects of having a healthier food option in the dining centers should the Department of Residence agree to my proposal.
The first step of my proposal, setting up a meeting with the Department of Residence to hear my case, is simple enough. I have several contacts within RHA (Residence Hall Association), one of them being my fraternity brother who is currently the president of RHA. RHA promotes student health and wellness on campus, which makes them a great influence within the Department of Residence. This makes it that much easier to get a meeting in with whoever is in charge of the dining center venues and to hear my case. Rather than sitting down with the person in charge and just spitting out various facts, it would be much wiser to create a power point presentation or another media presentation that would catch the target audience’s eye, in this case, the Department of Residence chair.
Regardless of how the facts are presented, in the end, facts are facts. Several studies have been done that show how on campus students are not getting the food their bodies truly need. A study done by the Journal of Adolescent Health weighed and calculated the BMI’s of seven hundred and thirty eight college students at Kansas University with ages ranging anywhere from eighteen to twenty-seven years old. The researchers found that around 21.6% of the participants had an abnormally large BMI for their body type. In other words, around 21.6% of the surveyed group was overweight. Of the seven hundred and thirty eight participants 69% of the sample reported that they were eating less than five servings of fruits and vegetables per day while on campus. 67% of the participants also reported that they were eating less than twenty grams of fiber per day, which is well below the recommended amount (83). According to other research that has been done in the past, this study at Kansas University concluded that the rate of obesity on college campuses is rising every year. Between 1991 and 1997 the rate of obesity on...

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