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Dining With The Presidents Of U.S History

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In the United States of America, the president has served as the leader of his nation (serving as the executive branch out of the three branches of government). Three of these presidents have inspired, spurred, and supported major causes and event throughout history. First, George Washington, the patriotic war hero and the first presidentof the United States of America during the American Revolutionary War against Great Britain. Second, Abraham Lincoln, the architect behind the emancipation of slavery of African Americans in the Union and Confederacy during the American Civil War. Lastly, John F. Kennedy, a man who used powerful words, charisma, and leadership qualities to unite Americans during the height of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States. If the opportunity arose to invite these three amazing individuals to an exquisite dinner, there would be no greater honor to do so.
President George Washington, the British veteran of the French and Indian War against the French, andthe American veteranof the Continental Armed Forces against the British, would be the ideal candidate of my three choices to dine with. Spearheading the strategic tactics, offensive and defensive maneuvers, and brilliant plans of the Continental Armed Forces, George Washington went above and beyond the call of duty to his nation. I could speak with Washington regarding the exciting adventures he embarked on while fighting as a British soldier against the French and their Native American allies during the French and Indian War, the details of Washington leading his men in battles fighting against the British Army and their Native American allies during the American Revolutionary War, and his opinions and thoughts about becoming the first president of the United States of America. As patriotic as they come, Washington would likely speak about some of the most captivating war stories and battles pivoting American victory over the British during the American Revolutionary war. I would ask him whether he ever thought of quitting his position as General. I would tell him of the other revolutions and worldwide historical events he helped to inspire such as the French Revolution in Europe and world wars leading up to modern times. My reaction to his laughter over my stating that his face is on current U.S currency would be priceless. Hopefully, the first president, general, and recognized patriot of the United States, would be pleased with my company while eating a slice of turkey on Thanksgiving. Hopefully, I would be able to extract mountains of biographical data from President Washington that would further my understanding of this remarkable individual.
President Abraham Lincoln, was the emancipator of African-American slaves and leader of the victorious northern Union of states against the southern Confederacy of states during the American Civil War. Due to the actions of Lincoln, African American civil rights movements were jumpstarted and...

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