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Conflict and Resolution Dinner at the homesick restaurant Conflict is a disagreement that occurs either internally or externally based upon ones ideologies and beliefs in order to achieve the goal of where everyone and everything is perfect. Conflict could also be seen as a move by an individual or group to make others think and follow in the same way as they are. In Anne Tyler's novel Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, conflict is portrayed in different ways and through different characters. These conflicts are both internal and external and are based primarily on the characters ideologies.Anne Tyler represents conflict in various forms but especially through her main characters, Pearl and Ezra Tull. Pearl, a loving mother of three children who becomes somewhat lonely and passive after being separated from her husband Beck. She faces both external and internal conflict when she has to bring up her three children all by herself, trying to earn income and also hide the fact that her husband has left, "Children dear ones," she would say. "There's something you should know." But she wouldn't be able to continue; she might cry. (Pg. 14) Ezra Tull is a more laid back person who owns a restaurant in his hometown of Baltimore. He faces two main types of conflict; both are internal as well as external. Firstly, he feels that his family is very dysfunctional since they can never get down to have a complete family meal together without someone running off angrily. Secondly, he is distraught when his wife to be, Ruth, is snatched away from under his nose by his brother Cody. He feels that he cannot get Ruth back and cannot reason with Cody.The reason for Pearl's conflict is due to her husband leaving her and the thought of her having to fend for herself and provide for her family is something that she cannot come to grips with. After being married for quite a while to a man who she has got to know, got used to and traveled all over the country with; she feels as if she has lost a major part of her life and a part that she may never be able to find.The nature of Ezra's conflict is based upon him being upset that he does not get to see his family together and that his brother has stole his girlfriend out of jealousy and competition. A lot of Cody's girlfriends used to like Ezra and wanted to get to know Ezra "“ this caused Cody to feel envious and the only way he could get Ezra back was to return the favour.Every persons conflict is based upon discourses / ideologies regarding the way that they see a perfect way for the...

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