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Dinner Party With The Presidents Essay

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A dinner party with three individuals from the pre-Civil War era would be both entertaining and extremely informative. Although those who lived in the United States hundreds of years ago have little in common in their day-to-day lives and activities, I believe people who lived through these uncertain times would have much wisdom to lend modern-day Americans. For my dinner party, I would invite Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington. All three of the Presidents I would invite to my dinner party grew up in the South and I imagine they each enjoyed a hearty, rich meal. I would serve them Cuban-flavored pork shoulder with black beans and a spicy salsa topping including a few flavors they may not be used to including jalapenos and garlic. I would make homemade herb bread and serve a local brew and red wine. I know Lincoln would likely not drink, but I know Andrew Jackson and George Washington would enjoy the alcoholic refreshment. And, despite Lincoln’s abstinence, I would have tobacco available for Washington and Jackson.
Andrew Jackson was my easiest pick for a party guest. Jackson grew up in Tennessee and became a war hero after his victory in the War of 1812 at the Battle of New Orleans. He became a lawyer and quickly earned a reputation for being aggressive and hasty with a quick temper (The White House n.d.). What dinner party isn’t livelier with a little emotion to liven things up? Jackson served in the House of Representatives and in the U.S. Senate after his military service, elevated to popular victory in the White House based on his decisive military battles. My second invite would be extended to Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was born in Kentucky to a poor family. He later moved to Illinois where he became a lawyer. Lincoln was a member of the Whig party but later joined the Republican Party and served in the U.S. House of Representatives. Lincoln earned quick respect with the public for his dynamic personality and as a popular orator. He was well-spoken and his calm demeanor put the public at ease. In reading a number of Lincoln speeches, I find his passion invigorating and inspiring. I also admire the way he seemed to uphold his pledge to do what he believed to be the right course of action despite the power of his opposition. He maintained strong relationships with people like Frederick Douglas that may not have favored his agenda and actions but certainly respected his commitment to a personal ideology ( n.d.). George Washington was raised in Virginia and married a wealthy woman. He owned a plantation with a number of slaves and later entered politics after his military career in leading the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He became the first President and was a prominent participant in composing the Constitution ( n.d.). There is hardly another American from pre-Civil War times who may have more to offer in the way of story-telling than George Washington.
Certainly, Andrew Jackson would...

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