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Dinosaur Essay

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I. Introduction to Argentinosaurus
The Argentinosaurus, translated to the Argentine lizard, was believed to be 130 feet long and weighed a whopping 110 tons. It had a 35 to 45 foot long neck with a head size of about 4 to 5 basketballs. The Argentinosaurus was discovered in 1993 by Guillermo Heredia. It was unearthed in present-day Argentina, and is also named after this South American country. Scientists have not yet found the complete skeleton of the Argentinosaurus. Paleontologists found 4 foot long vertebrae and 5 foot long tibiae belonging to the Argentinosaurus.
Argentinosaurus is classified as a sauropod. A sauropod is a very large, quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur. Sauropods had long necks and tails, small heads and massive limbs. It can also be classified as a titanic sauropod. Titanic sauropods ranged from 7 to 110 feet long with small brains. One question you may have is, was the Argentinosaurus herbivorous – feeding on only plants, or carnivorous – feeding on only meat? It was a herbivore. They ate seed ferns, ferns, club mosses, horsetails, and other varieties of various plants.
Scientists do not know for sure if the Argentinosaurus is the biggest dinosaur, but it is renowned for its size. Argentinosaurus was discovered next to the remains of the Gigantosaurus. The Argentinosaurus was one of the biggest herbivores. It was as long as three school buses end to end. It was also able to gain 100 pounds a day, making it able to gain a ton in only 22 short days.
II. Mesozoic Era: Cretaceous Period
During the Cretaceous period, the continents were traveling through the ocean. The huge landmass, known as the Pangaea, was slowly breaking apart. At the end of the Cretaceous period, 80 million years later, ocean water started to fill the gaps between the continents that are similarly shaped as to what they are today. Flowering plants started to shape the landscape of the newly isolated continents. The Earth’s climate started to cool due to the expanding of coasts, shifting of continents, and widening of the oceans. This caused an interference with the natural flora and fauna.
Gigantic sauropods roamed through forests of conifers and cycads; huge, feathery birds, known as pterosaurs, circled the blue sky; and marine reptiles terrorized small fish, mollusks, and ammonites in lakes and seas. Conifers and cycads were abundant and pines were flourishing. Most of the rich life during the Cretaceous period died off at the end of some sort of catastrophic event. The sea, land, and skies would never be the same.
III. The Jurassic Period
Land masses were crumbling and an inland sea began to form in what is now North America. The first birds started to appear as well as new dinosaurs. The Pangaea breakage was still accelerating and changing as time passed by. The northern half, Laurasia, broke up into Eurasia and North America. By the mid-Jurassic, the southern half, Godwana, began to break up. The western side, containing Madagascar, Antarctica,...

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