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Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct Essay

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Dinosaurs are not extinct
As time goes on, more and more fossil record of dinosaurs are richly known; more and more relative research project work on. An encouraging imagination that species of dinosaurs are not extinct and they evolve to birds was emerged. Dinosaurs are still here. They are still all around in the Human Age. It sounds crazy. Nevertheless, it seems clues are everywhere. There is a kind of dinosaurs, call Sauroposeidon, could raise its massive head over eighteen meters into the air, but this was only possible because their neck bones were so light, almost 85% hollow (name). Like Sauroposeidon, other kinds of dinosaurs’ bones were honeycombed with empty spaces. In fact, everybody already knows that birds have hollow bones as well, and a lot of people believe that’s an adaptation for flight. Scientists learned that birds inherited their hollow light bones from their extinct ancestors, gigantic dinosaurs. And there is another clue. (name)The ...view middle of the document...

It is obvious that birds are much smaller than dinosaurs but the initially original bio designs, which give birds their ability to freely soar in the air, to run on the ground, and to reproduce the new generation are apparently found in dinosaurs. Useful and successful genes that once allowed dinosaurs to grow and reproduce are displayed on birds perfectly. These features delivered by millions of years of evolution simply never went away. Hollow bones are able dinosaurs to grow very large, and also help birds limit their weight during flight. Dinosaurs used air sacs to move air in their heavy necks. Birds use air sacs for staying in the sky for a long time. It is so amazing that biotechnologies that once applied by dinosaurs so well have adapted to function in a new method among modern birds. So, in many aspects, dinosaurs and birds own the same characters, which other animals do not have. It also can be said that body size is the only difference between them. The present author of this paper once visited a dinosaur’s theme museum. He watched a vivid short video that a small dinosaur and a chicken walk at the same time. Both of their skeleton structures operate exactly in the same ways. And there are some evidences that many terrestrial dinosaurs can nearly fly. (name) the arms and hands of Deinonychus worked remarkable like a bird’s wings. Deinonychus’ arms were very specialized, much like modern birds. In fact, like a modern bird, they have the ability to fold their arms, which can be totally called it as their wings, to the side. This is the same folding ability that allows birds to fly today. Accordingly, the wings of a bird in flight are a living example of Deinonychus’ claw at that time. Birds can move its wings back and forth, the pattern of the joints and the angle of the joints in the wings of birds are extraordinarily close to match the pattern we see in Denonychus’ fossils. Moreover, there is one final clue. A clue that almost definitively connects birds and dinosaurs together, and it is something you had better least expect. Something scientists call wishbone. Wishbones today only exist in birds; it is funny that everyone could find it when people eat turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Yet, virtually every one of the most ferocious carnivorous dinosaurs had one.

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