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Dior Advertisement Illustrates Timeless Elegance And Sophistication

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Carrying with it one of the most iconic reputations and rich history’s, it has become a leaders in the fragrance industry. With the innovative 1947 Miss Dior Cherie being launched post war in hand with Christian Dior’s New Look, together they answered the demands of every woman’s desire for renewal. Dior (1947) himself said ” I have created this perfume to dress each woman in the scent of desire, and to see each of my dresses emerging from its bottle”.

This 2014 advertisement is Dior’s most recent representation of “The Fresh new essence of Miss Dior”, one that still strives to illustrate the timeless elegance and sophistication of the Original, whilst representing the key values of the brand. The newest campaign by Tim Walker brings with it a sense of realism, with a simple yet effective capture of the brand. Walker’s style is unmistakable and with reputable history with the likes of Vogue his way of “telling a story” with the use photography, makes him what I believe to be a perfect choice for Dior. We see a captivating Natalie Portman positioned sensually on the heart of the brands Dior staircase, stairs in which have no finishing point, giving a sense of mystery as to where the stairs may lead. We feel a sense of intimacy with her ruffled hair and dress covering her body opposed to her wearing it. It gives the impression something sexual has happened or is about to happen. A bottle of Miss Dior is held to her breast one that has same bow as the 1947 advertisements holding connotations that it is a gift and something special is inside to be given. By keeping this historical feature the brand remains in touch with Dior’s heritage, something in which it is passionate about upholding. The positioning of the bottle to the breast gives a sense of sexuality showing either that the character has a relationship with the scent or that she is holding timeless luxury herself. Adding to this allure is the powerful glance in the models eyes, it is as if she is looking into the eye of a lover and with a smokey eye make up effect, in contrast to the natural colours it gives a sense of danger and mystery.

One historical reference that could be associated with the advertisement is the work of French artist Edgar Degas. Degas ( is described as one of the founders of Impressionism. Impressionist style consisted of painting the realities of the world around them, however Degas never undertook the “Dazzling flecks of colour” adopted by many. Influenced heavily by the Ballet, he captured the depiction of movement with a master quality. In many ways this is reflected in this advertisement, from the ballerina style of Raf Simons floral, embellished dress to the minimal, natural colour palette, yet still managing to capture the beauty and poise of the model.

The colour used in the advertisement is typical of Miss Dior, with a palette of soft pinks and nudes from the garment to the location of the shoot, all tying in with the Parisian elegance and...

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