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Diplomacy: The Anti War. War And Its Literature.

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War has been used since the beginning of recorded history as a means of resolving conflicts, securing more land, gaining wealth, or for ideological changes. This world has become too dependent on war and violence for changes. Since the end of World War II there have been over 40 conflicts worldwide. That is almost one for every year (White). War triggers intense feelings in people; this type of emotion can be very powerful and is often portrayed in works of literature that can be very meaningful.From an economical standpoint, I believe that war should be used as only a defensive measure, and be avoided at all costs. I am saying this as an American, a citizen of the country who believes they are the world police. While helping out everyone else is great, guess who flips the bill, American taxpayers. Even today with the situation in Iraq we are trying to pass $87 billion in aid to Afghanistan and Iraq on top of what we spent to dismantle their regimes. Of this aid only a portion is expected to be repaid. This makes no sense for two reasons. Why would countries so abundant with resources not be required to trade their resources for aid? And why not use those funds to increase the quality of life here at home? America has the largest defense budget of any other nation, approximately $400 billion per year, that's $13,000 per second. The countries labeled as the axis of evil have less than $10 billion, obviously spending is the not the answer. Spending is at an all time high with the national deficit at the highest it has ever been; the government is spending approximately $450 billion more than is it taking in every year. This leads me to another reason not to go to war, corruption. In rebuilding Iraq, instead of giving contracts to Iraqi citizens, George W. Bush has given these costly projects to Cheney's old firm Halliburton, who looks to make near a billion from the deal. It's very funny how the Vice President's old company, who is still paying him a nice compensation package, is going to make so much. It is also funny how the son of former president Bush is finishing what his dad didn't. It's almost like this was his plan all along. While all of these are good reasons not to go to war, I have not even touched upon how war affects the people...

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