Diplomatic Security Special Agent Essay

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I was born and raised in the greater Washington D.C. metropolitan area. I come from a middle-class family and have two brothers and one sister. Growing up, my parents made great personal and financial sacrifices and took on expensive loans for my high school education. For this I am forever indebted and extremely grateful. I truly believe the importance placed on my education along with the quality of schooling has greatly shaped the person I am today.

Some simple adjectives I would use to describe myself in a work environment include hard-working, dedicated, resilient, driven, and detail-oriented. I often give careful consideration to tasks-at-hand and prefer to weigh the merits of different approaches before presenting my conclusions and solutions. Similarly, in my personal life I am conscious of my actions and their greater effect on those around me.

I consider myself to be a moderately spiritual and religious person. I believe in God. I am a Roman Catholic and try to follow the teachings of the Church. My belief is a personal choice, and I use it as a moral guideline for my life.

I am a patriotic person and value the sacrifice of our armed forces. I believe that America has the best system of government and affords its citizens the best opportunities available. American democracy provides for continual improvement and only bolsters my belief in our system of government. There is no other country in which I would rather live; however, I look forward to the opportunity of serving my country abroad, and I would jump at the chance.

I value family and friends and consider them to be a priority in my life. I have many acquaintances but only have a handful of true friends. I consider myself to be a great friend. If I can help, I assist my friends and family with their problems even if I must sacrifice personal interests.

I am a competitive person and enjoy participating in sports and other athletic competitions. I...

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