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Direct Action In The Sahel Region Of Africa: Military Aid

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In 1992, the United States created an army of 30,000 troops to conduct humanitarian tasks. The mission was an overall failure, and instead of promoting peace, it began to spark war (Ploch 1). This failure brings up the controversial nature of what policy needs to be prioritized first. Two main policies that the United States implements are military aid and development assistance. The instability in the Sahel region of Africa demand military aid to be drafted before development assistance.
What is military aid and development assistance? A common misconception is that military aid will fail to serve all the interests of the citizens in the region. However, military aid comes in a variety ...view middle of the document...

These problems have escalated into extremely long-term conflicts, so the assistance the United States provides is failing (“USAID” 1). Many people believe the actions that cause death should be a last resort. This statement is easily agreeable. Providing no protection would cause the same, if not more, death as military aid, but using the military will be a more direct solution. If pirates, criminals, and raiders are prevalent throughout the region, then obviously development will not be safe (“Should Development” 2). Even development agencies from the UN believe that donors need to postpone development funding until stability is enacted (“The Sahel: Hungry” 2). Also, countries that have received aid are still struggling. For example, Nigeria continues to have problems even after receiving a high majority of aid. Nigeria has 70 percent of citizens below the poverty line, an average life expectancy of 52 years, the second highest HIV/AIDS population, and many other grave issues. However, Nigeria is the largest receiver of development investment in Africa (Ploch 1). In order for development to work, the United States needs to make specific long-term changes.
Since none of these changes are expected in the near future, countries in the Sahel are not in the most need of development. According to Fox Business, no country in the Sahel falls into the top ten poorest countries in the world (Sauter 1). The United States should give the assistance to those who could thrive from the aid the most. For example, Swaziland has relied on South Africa’s exports, so their economy is continually decreasing. They also have the highest amount of citizens with AIDS in the world (4). These citizens are in desperate need of medical and economic aid. Sierra Leone, another African country, has a tremendous amount of resources including fishing, agriculture, and mineral (2). If the United States were to further these industries, profit would be made, and the United States would have another ally. Providing assistance outside the Sahel would become highly beneficial for the United States.
Countries in North Africa have shown throughout history how they cannot cooperate. These countries have become exacerbated because they cannot successfully cooperate on joint security or anti-terror operations. “Already fractious domestic and regional political environments in North Africa mean that tensions between Algeria and countries such as Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia could prevent more effective regional coordination as a result of historical tensions and in light of the Arab Awakening” (Healy 1). Recent joint security gatherings have been suspended by...

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