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Direct Correlation Between Violence In Media And A Child’s Aggressive Behavio

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There is no avoiding it! Wherever we go it’ll find us. We’re stuck! We can’t run away or hide from it. Instead we are addicted to it. In this globalization era, a powerful force in the world is media. It affects everybody and everyone. Children minds are sponge-like, absorbing information that makes them easy targets in terms of manipulation by the media. Media plays an important role in the upbringing of a child. Despite its many advantages, children can be affected negatively through it. Current studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between violence in media and a child’s aggressive behavior. So the question that arises is how do children develop a worldview of violence ...view middle of the document...

3). The ape showed similar concept of imitating what children show when they see violence on media. Movies, music, and video games demonstrate that is acceptable to murder or to harm others. There are many shows or programs that show things like husband hitting his wife, children abusing their parents, or people fighting with each other. “Children usually remember this in the back of their head and try to impersonate it when a similar situation arises” (Weber). Thus media act as a channel through which children may develop an aggressive worldview.
Often action films, cartoons, video games, or music videos show large number of fights, killings, and explosions, or “good guy killing the bad guy” by using deadly forces just to attract the audience. When children see it, they might believe the only way left to get out of their worry is by punishing or killing the victimizer. My interview subject gave one such example, the Frontier Middle School Shooting, which involved a fourteen-year-old boy named “Barry Loukaitis” killing his Mathematics teacher and two other students with a hunting rifle and handguns that belonged to his father. Later, during the trial, it came to the forefront that Loukaitis had planned the whole shooting and had taken ideas from the Pearl Jam song “Jeremy” and from the film Natural Born Killers (Weber). This can be related to the article “Loving Hip Hop in Morocco”. For instance, in the article it is pointed out that hip-hop has succeeded in transcending physical borders and plays an influential role on people (Reyna 130). Even Josh Asen, director of the film was surprised to hear hip-hop in the streets of Morocco instead of Morocco’s traditional music (Reyna 128). Like music, there are many other sources of media like films and video games that have thrived in exceeding physical boundaries and impact a lot of people.. Therefore when children see violence in media, they tend to incorporate it in their actions and use it in their daily life to solve conflicts, thus developing a violent worldview.
Lastly Professor Weber asserted that when children experience violence over and over, they sometimes “desensitize” themselves. They tend not to be bothered by violent scenes or violence...

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