Direct Marketing Plan For Campbell's Easy Heat Soup

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Target Group AnalysisThe type of people that would buy the product!A day in the life of Jane Somebody, a middle-class, 32 year old working mother, inevitably starts off at 7 am with a blaring alarm clock. Right after she slams down the snooze button, she is subject to the incessant wailing of her 'brat pack' (as her husband adoringly calls her children). She jumps out of bed, washes up and then attends to her husband and two children. She quickly feeds and kisses him off to work. Hurriedly, she helps her children, Max and Betty, get ready for school and prepares their packed lunch: peanut butter sandwiches and chips. She races them to the local school. She rushes to her office at 8:55 am, which gives her barely 5 minutes to collect her thoughts before starting work.A half hour lunch break at 1:00 is a huge respite for her. She normally grabs a sandwich from the expensive cafeteria down the road from her office, but sometimes opts to bring a home-packed lunch. She is exhausted by the time she is finished with work at 6:00 pm. Depending on the day, she picks up her two children from school and drop them off for either soccer practice or piano lessons.Once she has finally arrived home, she still has to prepare dinner for her family. She does the best job she can but more often than not, dinner ends up being some form of microwaveable food. The family goes to bed at 11pm and the next day the same routine resumes for Jane.Though Jane manages to keep her family and work commitments she hates having to feed her kids the same unhealthy chips and sandwiches day after day. She knows that 13% of kids in the US (and subsequently Canada) are obese and only 20% of the children consume the required amount of fruits and vegetables a day .She also hates having to work so hard and have so little time for herself. Not surprisingly, she is looking for a healthy and convenient solution to her family's lunch eating habits.What Jane does not know is that she is just one of the innumerable strained and busy working mothers who never have enough time for her family. Luckily for her, Campbell has come up with a unique solution to her problems.Product MarketWhat is Campbell Easy Heat Soup?Campbell Easy Heat Soup is an exciting new product which will change the way working mothers like Jane function. Though the soup itself remains the same, our unique selling proposition is the packaging; instead of a regular can, the soup will be packaged in a self-heating can. All the user needs to do is press a button, wait 3-4 minutes for the soup to heat, open the can and relish the delicious soup. The can comes with safety features (insulating materials) that prevent the user's lips or fingers from being burnt. The working of the can is simple - the push of the button activates a chemical reaction between water and quicklime (calcium oxide) that are contained in separate compartments in the can. The can heats the soup to a maximum temperature of 60 degrees. However, the user has the...

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