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Guidelines And Benefits Of Teenage Nutrition: Questions And Answers

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Question 1 – Explain the Australian Dietary Guidelines and their benefits.

The Australian Dietary Guidelines promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing clear, easily understandable and accurate researched based dietary advice. Information that can be obtained from the guidelines include the types of food, portions, food groups, and recommended dietary patterns to assist Australians to gain, maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle and eating with the aim to reduce diet related diseases for all Australians.

There are five main food groups:
- Dairy – Main source of calcium, essential for strong bones and teeth
- Grains – Main source of carbohydrate’s, essential for energy and staying active.
- Lean Meats, eggs, beans, chicken, etc. – main source of protein, essential for strong muscles and healthy body cells. It also keeps you fuller for longer.
- Fruit – Contains Vitamins and minerals used for all round health. Can give you better-looking skin, teeth, and give you long lasting energy.
- Vegetables – High source of essential vitamins and minerals, like vitamin D for healthy skin and magnesium of muscle recovery.

The main emphasis of the Guidelines is to eat a variety of food from the 5 food groups. There are two outstanding groups: Sweet and Fats & Oils. Both groups are recommended to be consumed sparingly.

The benefits of the Australian Dietary Guidelines is that it is a widely recognised visual guide that is easily understood by all age groups. The guidelines emphasis the appropriate intake of a variety of food and portions based on the pyramid or plate as a checklist.

Question 2: Outline why it is important for a teenager to have a healthy diet.

Eating a well balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight is essential for a teenagers for growth, bone development, and overall wellness preventing illness and disease. Implemtating a healthy diet as a teenager also promotes a healthy foundation for adulthood. Research indicated that a healthy diet can also improve concentration, self- confidence and self-esteem. Eating a balanced diet can prevent anemia which it most common in young woman.

Question 3: Identify the risks in having an unhealthy diet (short/long term)
Some short term risks of having an unhealthy diet:

• Poor Brain Function and Memory – For your brain to function properly it relies on glucose, which comes from carbohydrates.
• Poor Sleep – An unhealthy diet can detract from sleep. If you eat fatty and high sugar foods before bed you are more prone to wake ups.
• Tooth Decay – Having fatty, sugary and processed food can make your mouth more susceptible to tooth cavities and decay.
• Weight Gain – An unhealthy diet can give you insulin resistance, a condition in which your body becomes less able to manage your body sugar. And it increases risk of diabetes and weight gain.
• Mood Problems – The chemicals in your brain that promote positive moods rely on nutrients to function.
Long Term:
• High Blood Pressure – High blood...

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