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Right To Religion Essay

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Religion is an essential component of human rights, defended by a range of international accords as well as declarations. The right to religion chiefly embraces liberty of ideas on all issues, coupled with the independence to manifest religion besides the accompanying doctrines individually or with other people, not only in public but private as well. Unfortunately, at times people are compelled to leave their habitats, as a result of persecution they meet for taking a stand for what they feel is right . This research paper focuses on the right to religion in the modern society, with a particular focus on the United States of America.
The Right to Religion
Basically, the right to religion involves the liberty to have as well as practice religion together with principles of one’s selection, encompassing theistic along with non-theistic beliefs in addition to atheistic beliefs. In this case, the right of religion covers freedom to practice one’s religion in terms of adoration, honoring and practice not leaving out teaching. However, this right to manifest a doctrine is contingent upon restrictions furnished by law, which are a requisite to safeguard the society’s safety from adverse effects and make sure order as well as morals in totality .
In this perspective, this civil liberty encompasses four aspects which are beneficial to the Americans. First, each person has the right to show his or her own belief coupled with creed accordant with conscience. Second, each person has the right to concealment of his or her precepts, to express religious feelings in adoration, teaching and practice and to declare the implications of his opinions on the society at large. Third, each person has the right to interact with others as well as to organize with them for religious intents. Finally, each religious organization, established or kept by action in conformity with the rights of each person, has the right to influence its constitution for attainment of its chosen purposes .
According to the year 2011 report, presented by the United States Commission, that is in charge of international religious freedom, there are some countries all over the world that have raised concerns in terms of religious freedom. Most of the countries highlighted in the report are gross violators of religious freedom. Particularly, in most of these countries, religious minorities undergo persecution by such as prohibiting the use of religious...

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