Right To The Pointe. A Journey Of Learning Ballet

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People dance for many reasons. They dance to entertain other people, express themselves to others, have fun with their friends, and showcase special traits of their culture. People even choose to dance to express their faith, keep their bodies fit and healthy, and even to just learn something new. People have been dancing forever. Dancing was once a way to show how an individual felt or what they were thinking before languages were even around! Dance is still a very important part of the rituals of many cultures. There are tons of different forms of dance: social, theatrical, religious, etc. There are also many different disciplines within each style, Ballet, Modern, Jazz Dance, World Folk Dance, Hip Hop, etc. For my personal senior project, I chose a form of Ballet to learn. Learning to dance ballet on Pointe was my senior project.I myself, have always been a dancer. I have been very active on the high school dance team and taken ballet and jazz for about 5 years. Ballet itself, was not a new thing for me. I have taken dance from my mentor Dian Punzel, at Banks Dance Academy for quite some time. Before starting my senior project, ballet was a hobby for me already. The class level my instructor had me placed in was Intermediate II. This class was a very large class with many dancers, some better than others. I have always wanted to be able to dance on Pointe. I have spent most of my life watching ballet in awe as the ballerinas twirled around and skimmed the floor on just the tip of their toes. It has always amazed me and it is so beautiful to watch. After my fourth year taking ballet, a few of the girls in my class were strong enough to go on Pointe. I would have gone on with them, but dance team had a very hectic schedule which did not allow me enough time to get to ballet class. I was extremely disappointed because I knew I could do it just as well as the other dancers that were going to be starting on Pointe. If only there were more days in a week I could have done both, dance team and Pointe!There are many different things that set ballet apart from the wide array of other dance styles. Ballet was began in the courts of Renaissance Italy. One of the first to cast himself into leading roles was King Louis XIV. Since then ballet has been spread to all different areas of the world. Every continent has professional ballet companies. Classical ballet has extremely particular rules about how the dancer must have their bodies positioned in the simplest way as just standing. One of those rules requires that the dancer stand with their legs rotated outwards, this is called turn out. Turn out allows for much more movement in the legs and also creates a very pretty line in all the different poses. Turn out is certainly not a natural way to stand so a person must train their legs carefully so they do not injure themselves. Classical ballet is often times very serious and a lot different from the "dance team atmosphere" that I was used to.Usually when I...

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