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     There are two basic types of motorcycles. One type is made for riding on smooth

surfaces like roads or paved race tracks. These motorcycles are called road bikes. They

are heavier, faster, and more powerful than off-road bikes. Off-road motorcycles, or dirt

bikes, are lighter than road bikes. Dirt bikes are built to handle rough terrain like dirt,

mud, and rocks.      

     Not all people use dirt bikes for sport. Some people need their dirt bikes for work.

“Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ride Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki dirt

bikes instead of horses.';(Motocross, 128) Forest rangers take dirt bikes out on patrol.

Some cowboys even herd cattle from the seats of their dirt bikes. “Workers also

travel deep into the woods on dirt bikes to repair telephone equipment.';(Chris Lace,10)

      “Most people ride dirt bikes for fun. They enjoy being out doors and

      finding new places to ride. They can follow an old trail or blaze a new one.

      Riders are basically free on their dirt bikes, just be sure that you know what

      your doing and do not get lost. Also make sure the area you are riding

      permits the use of dirt bikes. Due to the stupidity of some reckless riders

      areas for riding are diminishing.';(Chris Lace,45) This is true places to ride

are becoming less and less due to a few unmannered people.

     Many people also use dirt bikes to experience the excitement of competition.

Different types of dirt-bike racing include motocross, supercross, trials, and enduro.

Motocross is held out-side. It usually has about twenty to forty participants. They race

on tracks about three quarters to one mile long. They usually lap around five to twenty

times give or take some laps, depending on the race. Supercross is held in an indoor

stadium on oval to circular tracks. Usually you need an sponsor to get into one of these

races. Trials are not even actual races, and requires a special trial bike. These bikes are

longer and lighter with lower geared engines than the typical dirt bike. Trial bikes are

specially designed for balance and stability. During a trials race you are tested on your

skill, stability, and balance. The coarse is an obstacle coarse with things like boulders,

logs, and streams that you will have to cross or maneuver on top of. The final kind of race

is enduro. They are very long races which test your skills in map reading and if need be

fixing your bike in the middle of nowhere with what you got. One famous race is the

Paris-Dakar Which is an astonishing 6,371 miles (10,250 kilometers).

     “All dirt bikes share some basic...

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