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Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes
The company Dirt Bikes is facing the same current dilemma that many companies these days face. Trying to continue to make a profit in this economy and stay competitive and up to date with technology and its ever-changing advancements is no easy task these days. Dirt Bikes has concerns over their current costs of communications between their employees and departments, they are looking to advance their ability to keep up with the developments in the motorcycle industry and the global economy surrounding their organization. There are many considerations their organization must consider when implementing an entire new technology infrastructure. They must consider the overall costs, how the entire infrastructure will affect their organization as well as their employees. They must consider the time and effort it will take to train all their employees on the new technology, including the costs of that training, as well.
Some of technology they will need to decide on will be whether to install a server computer, which is a computer on a network that performs important network functions for client computers, such as serving up Web pages, storing data, and storing the network operating system (and hence controlling the network). Server software such as Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, and Novell Open Enterprise Server are the most widely used network operating systems. As well the network operating system (NOS) routes, manages communications on the network, and coordinates network resources. It can reside on every computer in the network, or it can reside primarily on a dedicated server computer for all the applications on the network. In considering how their workers will communicate with each other in different departments and share information with one another, they will need to consider whether to use a switch or a hub acting as a connection point between the computers. Hubs are very simple devices that connect network components, sending a packet of data to all other connected devices. A switch has more intelligence than a hub and can filter and forward data to a specified destination on the network.
What if Dirt Bikes employees need or want to communicate with other networks, such as the Internet? They will need to install a router. A router is a communications processor used to route packets of data through different networks, ensuring that the data sent gets to the correct address. All these considerations will also have a lot to do with the size of the organization and how many locations it has. In the case of Dirt Bikes, from the information we have been given we can understand that Dirt Bikes is a large company with several departments. These multiple departs will need to share information, as well as be able to communicate with people outside the company to obtain information and resources that are current and up to date on a daily basis.
The network infrastructures for a large corporation consist...

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