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Dis Poem is an arrhythmic creation of similes and metaphors written to illustrate the
problems we face in the world, and help motivate one to find solutions to these problems. Here explains the depths of life that involves protest against poverty, inequality, racism, class prejudice oppression, cowardice, political deception and the mischievousness of powerful nations. A poem engraved by famous poet, author, and musician Mutabaruka, was written to “create and awaken change.” The central idea of this poem questions ones consciousness, identity and liberation. On the other hand, presents the enhancement of the black communities’ educational background and socio-economic status from the past up to until their future. Notably, the question still stands if this poem stands for or against the progression of man. Nonetheless, one can conclude that this poem is viewed as a trilogy used to prove how the past and present can map out ones future and argues mostly against the progression of man in general.
“Dis poem shall speak of the wretched sea that washed ships to these shores of mothers cryin for their young swallowed up by the sea dis poem shall say nothin new dis poem shall speak of time,” this first section describes many historical moments from the past, preferably the Atlantic Slave trade. The Atlantic Slave trade, a voyage from Africa to Jamaica in 1781, was a

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story of one of the most famous slave ships Zong, casted children overboard because of their illness and who eventually died in their mothers’ helpless arms. “Swallowed up by the sea” also represents this voyage because for every slave on board that was severely ill, the crew men would throw them overboard. More numbers of children were cast overboard compared to their mothers because of their vulnerability to illness and disease, thus, continued their mothers mourning, begging, and crying to keep their children. It is important to also pay attention to this time in history and not just the lines itself because these lines not only demonstrate continuous cycles in life but illuminate regression in civilization.
For instance, when mentioned in the second section of the poem, “First world, Second world, and Third world” can be read cryptically viewed as the idea that the line represents revolution enforced by the lines “Man-made decision”. However, society is produced at the hands of organized and captivating names. Therefore, the poem is “revoltin” against the three world classes that were made by man. Following this statement, ones vision of this poem extends so far that it essentially implies man made decisions are what created red lines across a map in this world, besides, the human race was divided by cultures...

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