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Disabilities In America Essay

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Disabilities within the United States
“The earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it” -Chris Joseph
This quote is exactly what I am going to describe to you. Everyone deserves to be treated the same way Just as we have had to accept people around the world that are different race. We also have to accept people who are suffering with mental disabilities. In this paper I’ll go over a few things that happened in the 20th century. These things made it, so people with disabilities can be able to work, get an education, and live on their own.

On July 26 1990 the American with Disabilities law was enacted This law became the most comprehensive ...view middle of the document...

”(2010).In the 1970’s they decided that these institutions weren't working so well, so they decided to let them move about. While people with disabilities began to be move about and more easily, they still faced discrimination. It became apparent to society that they were going to have to accept them the way they're. According to this article written by Margaret B. DiCanio “It became apparent immediately that the architect’s and planner of house, buildings, and cities were going to have to make things available to the disabled.”

In the late 1970’s Disabled people didn't receive much discrimination anymore. Except special schools, such as for the for the blind and deaf were segregated from the community. Influenced by parents and the U.S. Supreme Court congress passed the Education for all Handicap children in 1975. Also in the 70’s many adults with disabilities who were dependant on federal aid didn't get jobs. The disabled American Act of 1986 allows residents or recipients to get benefits while working.

15% of the worlds population have...

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