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Disadvantages And Problems Of Computer Technology

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Cole Dugas
Ms. Bates
English II (Honors)
Disadvantages and Problems of Computer Technology
The coming of the 21st century brought many new advances in technology. Emails began replacing written letters, technology began replacing direct social conversations and computers brought more people indoors. Many viewed this as a good thing, and thought that we should not resist technology’s advancement. However, many others believed that humanity was deteriorating and all good values would come to an end. While both groups of people had great arguments for their side, new technology is without a doubt bringing many negative effects. This even continues today, and those who thought the new technology was only a good thing are turning out to be incorrect. Problems are appearing involving social media, video games, the Internet and hacking. The world remains unsure about whether or not technology is good, one thing is clear: the effects of technology are not all positive. As technology increases, the world becomes a seemingly better place; however, it may not be as great as we think.
Among the greatest problems of technology lies the one thing that causes a worldwide controversy: video games. Problems appear all over the world involving video games, claiming video games cause things such as violence, laziness, poor academics and social problems.
Video games change the brain, especially during childhood. They change your brain’s physical structure in a way similar to a learning how to read (Raise Smart Kid). Similarly to
learning to read, video games may increase intelligence, but they can bring disadvantages. They can cause your mind to drastically change in negative ways. Many video games cause a child to have a powerful addiction. An addiction to video games can cause a child to spend less time and effort with important tasks such as doing homework. Addicted children also tend to stray from interaction with family and friends. Eventually it gets to a point where video games are all they want to talk about and as a result people don’t want to talk to them because they don’t get a chance to talk about other things. In addition, video games cause laziness in most addicts. Children become lazy and put their chores on other people so they can play video games instead of doing the things they are responsible for. Some video games teach children the wrong values such as stealing or violence. Usually these values are often rewarded, and many times it is required for the player to exercise the values in order to make progress in the game. Children at play online games where they can chat with other players are very prone to picking up bad language and bad behavior. Another major problem with video games is that video games can confuse reality and fantasy. A child who sees something in a game may think it is real and reenact what they see. Children see things and think of it as “cool” and that doing these things is “no big deal”...

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