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Disadvantages Of Teenage Curfews Essay

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In today’s society, some parents create curfews for their children while others allow their children to create their own curfews. Numerous people argue that setting curfews for teenagers help them refrain from taking part in mischief and help them to develop into superior adults. The remaining group of people state that curfews would make teenagers rebel. Teenage curfews produce many different positive and negative views in parents and teenagers. Different opinions on curfews are expressed through parents, teenagers, and mayors; and there are numerous reasons for people not supporting curfews.
A false sense of security exists as one of the disadvantages of teenage curfews. Parents ...view middle of the document...

Rebellion becomes a common teenage defiance when parents constantly set black-and-white rules. Therefore, parents should permit their children to establish a reasonable time to arrive home while still suggesting that “too late” does exist (Hatter 1).
Some people say that curfews are a pointless restraint of freedom. If cities set curfews on minors, they would not even be allowed to stand in the yard of their own home without parental supervision during the curfews’ hours. Curfews could also take away from busy teenagers’ social lives. Teenagers love being involved in different types of activities, and if they participate in school sports, school events, or after school jobs, they could receive the title of being a criminal if they violate their curfews. Placing curfews on minors limit their freedom and rights, and in addition, they could keep them from participating in activities that could help them mature (Moufarrege).
Teenagers rely on others such as their parents to regulate their own rules; therefore, they never learn responsibility for themselves. Children will not live with their parents their whole lives, so it is important to let them set their own boundaries and limits sometimes. Teenagers graduate and move away to college where they have no parental supervision. If parents set their children’s curfews their whole lives, they will not know how to limit their time by themselves and end up staying out all night. They will have no idea what their limitations should be when they are free to discipline themselves. Therefore, teenagers that learn how to come home at a decent time will take that skill into the future (Kaye-Smith).
Curfews could actually endanger teenagers in a few ways. If parents tell their children to be home at a specific time, they know that there will be a punishment if they arrive home after their curfew. Teenagers will do whatever it takes to not receive any type of punishment. They will even drive much faster than the speed limit to arrive home in time to please their parents. A coroner stated in an article, “A teenage driver and his passenger died after he broke the speed limit to get home to beat his curfew” (Bond 1). There have been many other...

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