Disappearance Of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

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On 8th March 2014, the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 took off from Kuala Lumpur carrying 239 passengers and went missing on its way to Beijing (Wienner-Bronner). The recent disappearance of the flight has captured the attention of everyone around the world, from researchers to reporters to military teams, and has prompted them to solve this strange mystery. Various theories as to how the plane disappeared, how it lost contact, and why is it so difficult to find the missing plane are being offered in an attempt to explain this unexpected incident.
The most bewildering question is how a Boeing 777 plane, the world’s largest twinjet plane (777 Family), could simply disappear into thin air ...view middle of the document...

There is no hard evidence towards a potential hijacking but there are several reasons as to why it is being contemplated as one of the reasons. Shoichet revealed that the plane dropped an altitude of five thousand feet and it went under its radar detection. The sudden and abrupt change of the path could have possibly been a struggle for control of the plane and this could indicate a hijacking (Martinez). Two passengers were said to have boarded the plane using stolen passports but it was later found that they were not associated to any terrorist group (Watkins et al.). I think that a hijacking was implausible because almost everyone on the plane had access to a phone so they would have been able to contact someone when the plane was being hijacked.
The transponders and communications were switched off shortly after take off and the pilot is being blamed for this. Switching off the transponders and communication systems, made it harder for anyone to track where the plane is going and this might have been the pilot’s intention or he may have switched them off as a result of malfunctioning. A former Boeing 777 pilot said, “It's my belief that there was probably some type of struggle in the cockpit where it was one of the pilots that maybe had a meltdown or did something nefarious to the airplane” (Martinez). Psychological issues, attempted suicide, or act of heroism could all explain the pilot’s behavior.
There are many other outlandish theories spiraling around about the disappearance of MH370 but the real question at the moment is where is the plane? Finding the plane should be the number one priority but everyone seems more to be focused on the “how” than the “where”. The very first lead was debris sightings in the Indian Ocean but after further investigation by an Australian search team, the wreckage was found to be unrelated to the plane (“Plane”). Several other false leads followed subsequently such as inaccurate satellite images and oil leaks irrelevant to the plane.
The most recent update by Levs and his colleagues suggests that if the Bluefin 21, an underwater search vehicle, does not find any signs of the plane in the Indian Ocean after its current search they will broaden the radius of their search. I believe that widening the search within the Indian Ocean is not enough at this point. They have access to military and research teams from around the world and it is essential to get their help to examine other locations.
As the plane is impossible to locate via satellite, it could only mean that the plane had crashed in a body of water. If you ask me, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal, which are the northern parts of the Indian Ocean, should be thoroughly investigated for any wreckage. When I asked Aslam about how they should be searching for the plane, he said that they should try searching under the seabed. I, however, think that that is highly doubtful because the plane crash less than two months ago and it would be impossible...

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