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Disappearing Messages In The Workplace: Confide

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There was not much history and background of private messaging applications. Private messaging applications were purposely created to avoid private messages from being read by an unauthorized individual and be untraceable or destroyed after the messages were read. With the recent success and popularity of the application called Snapchat in 2014 and its disappearing messages, Confide application developers created the application based on the same idea for apple only devices but will develop an android version in the future. The difference was that Confide was created to be used in the business workplace and benefit the employers who implemented it. Confide allowed business users to send confidential messages that were not able to be leaked or be traced through the legal discovery process that was used for emails. The private messaging applications replaced the traditional email and phone call communication that it was either beneficial or treacherous to the businesses depending on their business ethics.
The case had some details that were beneficial and detrimental to the businesses. The details were that if a message needed to be traced, it was not going to happen because the process of legal discovery that was used on email communication could not be used the same way. With that in mind, employers raised concerns about how the businesses were vulnerable to unethical improper communication and behavior by the individuals and Confide suppressed them. The common issues that were triggered from the usage of Confide in the workplace could have been discrimination, sexual harassment, and insider trading of information. The benefits of Confide was that the application interface made it difficult for the messages to become unconfidently. For example, the screenshot feature was blocked to reinforce the confidentiality of Confide.
There were some insufficient details about the case and the assumptions made because of the missing information. First of all, since the disappearing messages in the workplace was a new ethics case, the case had to be in general terms because there was no specific area where to focus the case in. Secondly, because the case was still new, the assumptions that were made were based on common issues that rised in a business workplace but with the implementation that there was no evidence to prove the incidents relating the private messages. With that said, the assumption was made by employees that were using Confide unethically without the fear of being caught. Another assumption that was made was that since there was no technology that would allow employers to trace the messages, the solutions processed were restricted by the availability of technology to help resolve the issues.
A core ethical issue was identified in the case. The main core issue was that the application would open doors for employees and corporations to execute unethical communication and behavior in the workplace without the fear of being punished because...

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