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Disappearing Tropical RainforestsThe destruction of the tropical rainforests is one of the biggest global environmental problems that we face today. Although the rainforests are 'local' and confined to certain areas of the world, their destruction is, nevertheless, a global problem, and this is so for several reasons. First, the rainforests are the lungs of the planet. They absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Rainforests are also sinks, storage reservoirs of natural substances, in particular of carbon. Finally, rainforests are the only habitats of literally thousands and thousands of plant and animal species. Many of these species have not even been identified and may be lost forever. Scientists believe that amongst the unidentified plants we may find many which can potentially cure some of our deadliest diseases. Others are already used as curer: quinine for example, which treats malaria, which is found in the rainforest.According to Myers "tropical forests still cover almost 8 million km2 of the humid tropics. But they are being destroyed at ever-more rapid rates. In 1989 the area deforested amounted to 142 200 km2, or nearly 90% more than in 1979. So whereas the 1989 total amounted to 1.8% of the remaining biome, the proportion could well continue to rise for the foreseeable future, until there is little forest left in just another few decades"(2001). Deforestation does not occur evenly. Some areas are being destroyed faster than others.Deforestation refers to the "complete destruction of forest cover through clearing for agriculture of whatever sort (cattle ranching, smallholder agriculture whether planned or spontaneous, and large-scale commodity-crop production through e.g. rubber and palm-oil plantations). It means that not a tree remains, and the land is given over to non-forest purposes" (Myers, 2001). Many developing countries count on tropical rainforests to improve their economies. "The global loss of forest cover is associated with global increases in population and consumption" (Kummer & Turner, 2004), but there are also vast regional differences for reasons of deforestation.The Brazilian Amazon region has the highest deforestation rate in the world (Skole et al, 2004). Brazil is in dire economic situation and is faced with a growing population and economic debt. One of the ways that the country is attempting to deal with this is through the development of the rainforests region. "The major cause of deforestation in the Amazon is agricultural expansion" (Skole et al 2004)" but there are also other causes. More precisely sustenance farming, which is practiced by farmers who have been displaced from the lands by unsustainable practices and population growth is the main reason for deforestation. Farmers were given, by the Brazilian Government, land inside the rainforests and roads were built for easier access. Unfortunately the soils did not prove adequate for the short roots of domesticated pants and the farmers were forced...

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2567 words - 10 pages using alternatives to traditional logging products for saving the Amazon rain forest. It is a matter of implementing this solutions and getting the support to sustain their longevity in the Amazon.References:Amazon Destruction. (2002, June 5). Amazon Destruction, the Degradation of the Rain Forest. Retrieved on June 4, 2005. From http://students.washington.edu/chazdiaz/esc110/Butler R. (2005). A Place Out of Time, Tropical Rainforests: Their

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