Disarmament Of Nuclear Weapons Essay

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Have you ever felt like nuclear weapons were always a useless and dangerous invention by the human race. Around the world, nuclear war heads are becoming
more and more common throughout many countries, when are people going to become more aware and cautious of the problems we face with these useless
inventions. Without abolition, there is always the danger that nuclear weapons will proliferate, that more and more countries will obtain them. Knowing this makes
you realize that all nuclear weapons should be disarmed & that the creation of them do not promote peace nor does it benefit anyone on this planet. As we explore
deeper into the topic, we realize that nuclear weapons do not benefit us in anyway, to cover everything that is bad about the nuclear warheads could simply start off
with they cause conflicts between countries around the world, nuclear weapons provide global issues, more complexe reasons why they should be abolished, if it
were possible to do a global scale, outlawing nuclear weapons would be ideal and finally, the weapons have a long term effect in the aftermath.

As many have already witnessed in the past history, the very existence of nuclear weapons leaves open the possibility that a nuclear exchange could take place.
Leaders who are in posession of weapons of mass destruction tend to always lead to conflicts between countries. To begin, nuclear weapons should be disarmed
due to the fact that it causes conflicts between countries. A perfect example of a conflict that occured in the past was the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and
Nagasaki. On August 6, 1945, during the World War II, the United States of America had dropped two atomic bombs on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. For
Hiroshima, the explosion had wiped almost 90 percent of the city, not to mention 80,000 people had died, and later another 10,000 would die from the raditation of
the bomb. For Nagasaki the attack came three days later, approximately 40,000 more have died from the bombing. Thankfully, Hirohito (Japan's Emperor) has
annonced his country's surrender on August 15th. In a result of these bombings, many innoncent people have died from the nuclear weaponry, our people face many
problems when it comes to these inventions. There are other cases where countries accidentally launch a missile (for instance the Cuban Missile Crisis when the U.S.
and USSR almost made a mistake to engaged in a nuclear war). There are also many other stories similar to this incident where countries have accidentally triggered
a missile. From what we're told, there are nine countries who are known to be in possession of nuclear weapons, China, France, India, Isarel, North Korea,
Pakistan, Russia, United Kingdom and United States, with all these countries who possess these, an ongoing tension will always be present throughout all the
nuclear-armed countries until each of them disarm their weapons otherwise, we wont get anywhere. So with that begin said nuclear weapons should...

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