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DISASTERDisaster is a sudden, calamitous event bringing great damage, loss, destruction and devastation to life and property. WHO defines Disaster as "any occurrence, that causes damage, ecological disruption, loss of human life, deterioration of health and health services, on a scale sufficient to warrant an extraordinary response from outside the affected community or area"The damage caused by disasters is immeasurable and varies with the geographical location, climate and the type of the earth surface/degree of vulnerability. This influences the mental, socio-economic, political and cultural state of the affected areaDefinition of Disaster Management"Disaster management" can be defined as the range of activities designed to maintain controlover disaster and emergency situations and to provide a framework for helping at-risk personsto avoid or recover from the impact of the disaster. Disaster management deals with situationsthat occur prior to, during, and after the disaster.The Objectives of Disaster ManagementThe objectives of disaster management are:to reduce or avoid the human, physical, and economic losses suffered by individuals, by the society, and by the country at largeto reduce personal sufferingto speed recovery.TYPES OF DISASTERGenerally, disasters are of two types - Natural and Manmade. Based on the devastation, these are further classified into major/minor natural disaster and major/minor manmade disasters. some of the disasters are listed below:Disaster Management CycleDisaster management is a cyclical process; the end of one phase is the beginning of another (see diagram below), although one phase of the cycle does not necessarily have to be completed in order for the next to take place. Often several phases are taking place concurrently. Timely decision making during each phase results in greater preparedness, better warnings, reduced vulnerability and/or the prevention of future disasters. The complete disaster management cycle includes the shaping of publicpolicies and plans that either addresses the causes of disasters...

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1049 words - 4 pages , health, home, etc becomes inaccessible. Whether it is a manmade or natural disaster, it definitely includes risk, vulnerability, and hazards. The characteristics of a disaster or unpredictability, unfamiliarity, speed, urgency, uncertainty and the threats writes wicked story of destruction on the earth. Disaster management and defense system: Dealing with and avoiding the risks resulted through a disaster is known as disaster management. This

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704 words - 3 pages Disaster Management Cycle (DMC)The DMC shows the continues process by which government, business and the society plan for and decrease the impact of disasters, respond during and immediately following a disaster, and take steps to recover after a disaster has occurred. The Cycle consists of 7 steps: disaster impact, response, recovery, development, prevention, mitigation and preparedness. In our case the disaster is the deep water disposal of

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1840 words - 7 pages each other and interacted on a daily basis, were more successful at protecting their residents against the risk of death. By analysing the disparities in the rate of moralities during the Chicago heat wave highlights the importance of social capital to disaster management.

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779 words - 3 pages engineers calculated some heating damage on re-entry, but they were inconclusive on whether this would lead to structural failure. They believed Columbia would survive re-entry. The mission was allowed to continue. (Disaster, 2008) NASA had made a bad decision. The accident investigation report infers that the engineers' doubts and concerns not being effectively communicated to NASA's management. The wrong reporting tool was used to convey technical

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2213 words - 9 pages engineers. The flight Readiness Review process developed by Lucas and other seniors' managers wasn't about deciding the readiness of the fight rather than following the political strategy of NASA, they weren't honest in their decision they were more afraid to tell the truth about the situation otherwise they will face the question" if you are not ready when why you are not doing your job?" After the disaster occurred NASA management tried to

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1267 words - 5 pages . This part will give clear concise directions for the DRBCP and will be in alignment with the company’s mission. The consequence for not having a scope will lead to inadequate or vague directions as to what the company needs to accomplish for a successful disaster recovery and business contingency plan. 2. Buy-in from Executive Sponsor or Management - senior management has primary accountability for planning, and implementing the DRBCP. Part of

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1411 words - 6 pages particular technology from Ushahidi offers an interesting way for responders and affected individuals to communicate with one another in the course of a disaster response. The Ushahidi BRCK offers an application of technology that, while not originally designed for use in the emergency management field, has an application in the response to a disaster. This and other technologies contribute to the ever changing way responders and individuals

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1107 words - 5 pages extensive. The resources should be properly utilized. Network disaster should plan developing a proper short-term recovery plan and long-term recovery plan, including how to return to normal business operations during the disaster. Most important part of the network disaster management is prioritizing the order of functions that are resumed. BIBILOGRAPHY 1. http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/stamp/stamp.jsp?tp=&arnumber=5681010

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2028 words - 9 pages Disaster Recovery Plan Disasters are unavoidable within businesses and organizations alike. Disasters not only affect the business and organizational continuity, it will also result in a major modification of the organization’s operational mechanisms (Awasthy, 2009). Businesses now prepare a business continuity plan and a disaster recovery plan because of these reasons so that they may simplify the disaster management when next one occurs. It

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2349 words - 9 pages . If so, the fourth step involves the governer requesting that a major disaster declaration be implemented. The request is accompanied by the acknowledgement of the governer that state assets will be allocated to the restoration process and the state will not become dependent on federal resources for long-term recovery. Step five involves the request being assessed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the agency prompting the White House

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1318 words - 5 pages providing disaster services in the behavioral health context is to identify the immediate mental health needs and to provide appropriate support and referrals to the community based providers for the follow up. In the aftermath of Goiânia radiation incident FEMA released a document called “The Radiological Incident Response: Post-Release Psychological Management” which was first to drew attention and provide recommendations about the need in

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1037 words - 4 pages Model School Disaster Management PlanSchool Profile Name of the School : Postal Address with pin code: Contact Number: Number of Teacher: Male ………….. Female ………….. Number of Student Male ………….. Female …………… Number of differentially able students: Male…………… Female

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1312 words - 5 pages Disaster Management Introduction All disaster managers must make decisions. Their decision involves a comparison between several alternatives and an evaluation of the outcome. The quality of the decisions managers make is the true measure of their performance. Each operational decision influences future actions, which in turn, require further decisions. Errors in decision-making, therefore, tend to be cumulative. Decision-making is

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2317 words - 10 pages send mass information out to many people at one time, quick action can be taken in turn. This can mean that little to no training is needed for employees to respond. For example, people in emergency management positions can work on making a Facebook profile. This profile can provide valuable information on phone numbers to call in case of a disaster. It can also provide personal household disaster plans for people to practice and understand. A