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Disaster Mitigation System Based On Social Network As A Tool For Community Self Relief

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. Rules for Aid Link Systems Function
As we mentioned before, this is an open system, in this case we made reference to this because, the actions required for a new emergency or problem can be defined by those users considered as Expert User.
This kind of users are for example, those that have relation to those governmental instances or with rescue agencies, this kind of users are considered as those with great importance, due to their main task to set new ways to solve new events. This task can be reviewed, verified and rated by this group of users and by the system when it makes an appraisal of the past events. Once this parameters are established and verified the system will find the best ...view middle of the document...

So now the most important question we need to solve is How we going to start making links?
At first it is important to say that the establishment of the Aid Links function is divided in tho main phases. The first one is performed when the user is in the registration process and the second one is performed inside the system during and after a disaster occurs. In this case the first one involves each user, because it depends on the information that the user is registering. While the second one is more related in the capacity of the system to make decisions and establish the links.
1) First Phase (Before Emergency): For the first phase we need to remember that when the user is on the registration process, the user will input his characteristics related to abilities (Skills) and disabilities (Illness, Serious medical condition, etc.). Then the system will ask and set the trust circles, considered the first step for the creation of the first links. Next user will set the helped-Helper level 1 circle, this circle is useful because we need to cover the user in case of disaster. This is possible because this kind of relation is between the users disability and other user registered in the system that can manage it, or has more complete information, in most of the cases we can say that this could be possible because there is a relation between the users outside the system. The next step is the processing of this information performed by the system. In this part of the process it is included the verification of the coverage of this new user, related to the possible contingency that could happen in case of disaster. On the other hand the User that has been established as helper in a particular caseAdditional to this the system will post via message board information about the new situations that should be prepared as a preventive mechanism. If there is a user that can fit or has an ability that can cover this new problem, the user will be able to set him as a helper in that kind of situation.
Fig. 4.
Alert System Diagram
retrieve information about their status, or also about any problems that in which they are eyewitnesses. In the case of a positive answer regarding to their status, the system will free information to...

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