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Disaster Of Your Choice Essay

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A disaster occurs when a significant number of people who are vulnerable experience a hazard and suffer severe damage and disruption to their livelihood. Without external aid they are unlikely to recover psychologically, physically or replace physical resources (Wisner et al. 2003). The Pressure and Release Model (PAR Model) is a model that helps understand risk in terms of vulnerability analysis in specific hazard situations. PAR is a tool that shows how disasters occur when natural hazards affect vulnerable people (Wisner et al. 2003). The vulnerability of people is rooted in social processes and underlying causes which may be isolated from the disaster. The foundation of the PAR model is ...view middle of the document...

This creates three sources of vulnerability. The first source is if people only have access to unsecure and unrewarding livelihoods, their activities are likely to generate vulnerability. The second source is that they are low priority for government assistance, who is expected to deal with hazard relief. The third source is that people who are economically and politically marginal lose trust in their own self-protection.
Dynamic pressures are the second link in the progression of vulnerability. Dynamic pressures are activities that translate the effects of root causes into unsafe conditions. Dynamic pressures channel the root causes into particular forms of unsafe conditions, they then have to be considered in relation to different types of hazards people face. Epidemic disease, rapid urbanisation, current wars and other violent conflicts, foreign debt and structural adjustment programmes are some dynamic pressures people face. The idea that dynamic pressures channel root causes into unsafe conditions shows that pressures play themselves out in a spatial and temporal sense.
Unsafe conditions are the third link in...

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